SFLA Fellow Breaks National Diaper Drive Record with 46,700 Diapers

Mary Briganti - 09 Jun 2020


Guest post by Jack Brustkern, Regis Jesuit High School.

This past fall, as our school’s Students for Life group began to plan our diaper drive event, we knew we wanted to provide resources to local parents in need. 

So we set our sights on the national high school diaper drive record: 41,000 diapers.  

We began by talking to teachers around the school, asking them to consider incentivizing their students to bring in diapers for the drive. Wasked teachers to help promote the drive while we set up tables, posters, decorations, and signs all around the major entrances of our campus.  

In the final two days of the drive, a sudden wave of support came in. The number of diapers on and around our collection tables doubled, creating stacks so large that it began make the passing student traffic even worse than it already was.  

But it didn’t end there…diaper collection doubled AGAIN on the last day of the drive! 

On the afternoon of the last day of the drive, a few of us group members were tasked with totaling the number of diapers collected and packing them into a U-haul truck. Our school, Regis Jesuit, had broken the high school diaper drive record by over 5,000 diapers, and we would be able to donate all these to a pro-life resource center that would distribute them to mothers in need.

Having the commitment and the support of the other pro-life group leaders all around me from the Stevens Fellowship helped me to support our group and school in pursuit of our goal to break the national record. And I am excited to continue my journey as a Stevens Fellow grad and pro-life leader as I continue on to college and into the future! 

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