Senate Democrats Say Planned Parenthood Should Be Allowed To Keep Improperly Obtained Taxpayer Dollars

Brenna Lewis - 27 May 2020

Planned Parenthood improperly received $80 million in taxpayer money that was meant to help support small businesses who were harmed due to the coronavirus. The Paycheck Protection Program money had been set aside to try to keep the economy afloat, as state and federal guidelines on social distancing were putting people out of work and harming businesses.

But Senate Democrats, seeing an opportunity to stand up for their activist and donor base, have come out with a letter saying that Planned Parenthood should be allowed to keep the money. After all, the Senate Democrats take cues on legislation from Planned Parenthood, which essentially runs their Party.

In a letter, 41 Senate Democrats, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, a favorite of Planned Parenthood, say that the Small Business Administration should in fact allow Planned Parenthood to keep the money.

Ironically, House Democrats had vowed to have strict oversight of coronavirus funds, but they decided to sit this one out since Planned Parenthood also helps them write their agenda.

The letter comes after over 30 pro-life Senators called for an investigation into how Planned Parenthood received $80 million in taxpayer dollars.

The letter stated, “We write to urge you to investigate the activities of dozens of Planned Parenthood affiliates that reportedly applied for and received approximately $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, despite actual knowledge that they were ineligible for such loans….The Paycheck Protection Program established by the CARES Act was designed by Congress to help struggling small businesses and nonprofit organizations by giving them access to low-cost loans for expenses like keeping their employees on payroll during this pandemic. It was not designed to give government funds to politicized, partisan abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. The funds in the program are not unlimited, and were depleted once already because of high demand. Planned Parenthood fraudulently taking tens of millions of dollars that were intended to help keep those small businesses and nonprofit organizations afloat cannot stand and must be addressed.”

Planned Parenthood will do anything to take our taxpayer dollars. You can read more about how the abortion industry is trying to exploit the coronavirus crisis at the link here.

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