New Vaccine Research for COVID-19 Will NOT Use Aborted Tissue

Mary Briganti - 16 May 2020

Organizations like the John Paul II Medical Research Institute are taking a different approach to developing a vaccine for the coronavirus by using adult stem cells, instead of ethically questionable aborted fetal cells in its research.  

Many organizations are focusing on stem cell research in the race for a way to fight the coronavirus. There are many vaccines and gene productions that have used aborted fetal cells because of their ability to morph into any cell in the body.

This, in combination with a strand of the virus, is used to combat certain viruses and diseases. This has presented an ethical dilemma for pro-life medical professionals for decades. With many organizations racing to develop a vaccine to fight COVID-19, one very prominent question comes to mind… 

Can a vaccine for COVID-19 be produced ethically?  

Dr. Moy from the John Paul II Medical Research Institute suggests using human induced pluripotent stem cells or IPSCs to create aethical vaccine. By using adult stem cells that are “reprogrammed” to function like embryonic cells, they can reduce the risk of rejection and the development of tumors that often occur with embryonic stem cells. This method will also use a viral protein from COVID-19 to replace a native human glycosylation system, which is currently lacking in past and present manufactured cell lines. 

Learn more about stem cell research here. 

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