Planned Parenthood Releases Genitalia Coloring Book For Preschoolers

Sarah Michalak - 15 Apr 2020

You would think a national health crisis would divert some of Planned Parenthood‘s resources; after all, they claim to be a health care organization. But, no, it has not. The nation’s largest abortion vendor continues to target young kids online, the same way they groom them in the classroom.

In addition to urging states and the federal government to flood the country with free RU-486 abortion drugs and remove any safety regulations on them, Planned Parenthood is also maintaining their goal to get in front of children, without their parent’s involvement.

Planned Parenthood Creates Coloring Sheets with Adult Content

Planned Parenthood created coloring sheets, which are primarily used by children, that depict female and male genitalia, birth control, spermicide, and a word search that has among other words abortion. Yupp. Planned Parenthood thinks an age-appropriate activity for young kids is to color condoms and genitalia.

Planned Parenthood creates pages like these to normalize abortion, promote sexual promiscuity, and advertise their euphemistic propaganda which defines the intentional ending of human life as “healthcare.” If for some reason you want to see the coloring pages, you can view them here.

Planned Parenthood Continues to Target Kids Using Roo

Planned Parenthood‘s Roo App encourages kids, of all ages to message them with questions about sex. Interestingly, the app does not require any sort of age verification or parental consent. So teenage girls, for example, can ask about sex without their parents knowing. Remember that Planned Parenthood does NOT want parents involved in their kid’s lives, because that has been shown to reduce the abortion rate.

Have Your 14-Year-Old Daughter Talk to A Stranger on The Internet About Sex

Planned Parenthood has a bad track record of reporting kidnapping and sexual abuse–after all, they routinely oppose any law that even informs parents that their daughter is seeking an abortion. But now, your teenage daughter can also chat with a stranger on the Internet about sex. In addition, Planned Parenthood offers women some of the least effective birth control available which will increase the likelihood of pregnancy. And if she’s pregnant, guess where she’ll be directed to get an abortion?

Planned Parenthood Promotes Promiscuity Among Young People

Under a false banner of “sexual liberation” and “safe sex” Planned Parenthood is teaching young men and women to expose themselves to potential physical, emotional, and psychological harm. Engaging in sex before the needed commitment and maturity increases the likelihood of mental health issues, substance abuse, unplanned pregnancies, and sexual transmitted infections and diseases.

Learning about sex in secret only breeds more secrecy, especially in moments of distress when young people need support the most. Parents love their children and want what is best for them. The stranger on the other end of the computer does not even know who they are speaking to. While parents are trying to keep their families safe during this pandemic, Planned Parenthood is using this online outlet to continue lining their pockets at the expense of the emotional and physical safety young people, especially women.

Bottom Line

Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business. Abortions are where they get their money and sustain their business. They even have quotas for clinics! Given their clear financial gain in promoting abortion, Planned Parenthood has no business talking to our kids about sex.

You can learn more about Planned Parenthood’s sex ed program in this Daily Caller article with a former Planned Parenthood sex educator.

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