Phoenix Pro-Life Future Launches Program That Helps Pro-Lifers Find Their Calling

Brenna Lewis - 14 Apr 2020

Americans United for Life has consistently ranked Arizona as one of the most pro-life states in the nation, and if you visit Arizona, it shows. The state is home to a variety of thriving pro-life cultural, political, policy, and legal organizations, as well many local pregnancy centers serving pregnant mothers and their infant and preborn children in need. 

The newest of those local organizations is Phoenix Pro-Life Future (PLF), which launched only two months ago. But even in its infancy, this group is jumping right in to help the Phoenix pro-life movement, activating young adults across the valley. 

One of Phoenix PLF’s goals is to use the energy, influence, and skill of young adults to expand the reach and effectiveness of existing pro-life work. With that goal in mind,they recently launched “Skills for Life.” 

“Skills for Life is a volunteer program that connects pro-life volunteers with a Phoenix pro-life organization that matches their special interests and skill sets,” says Ryan Everson, Phoenix PLF’s President. “This program allows Phoenix PLF to be active in all areas of the movement at all times. If you’re really passionate about a specific area of pro-life work, you don’t need to wait for us host a special event for that area anymore anymore. You can get involved right away through Skills for Life.”

Kristin McCue, Phoenix PLF’s Director of Allied Engagement, oversees the Skills for Life program. Kristin worked with local organizations to learn their needs while building the Skills for Life webpage, which lists the variety of open positions. Young Phoenix pro-lifers can scroll through the user-friendly site to find the position that’s best for them. Most of these positions require a time commitment of just a few hours per week, allowing busy young professionals to be consistently involved.

“My hope for this program is that volunteers who are passionate about the pro-life movement will have an opportunity to connect with great organizations that are significantly engaged with pro-life work,” McCue shared. “So many people care about this cause but don’t know how to get plugged in. Skills for Life provides that bridge connecting skilled volunteers with impactful organizations and making us all stronger as a movement.”

Phoenix PLF Vice President Joanna Duka added that this program is key to the group’s strategy to help prepare Arizona for the possibility of a post-Roe America, and to fill the volunteer needs associated with that. 

“As we get nearer to overturning Roe and the fight intensifies, we need all hands on deck,” Duka said. “Part of that means ensuring our existing pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations have everything they need to succeed. As professional young adults, we have skills the pro-life movement needs, and Skills for Life will be key to filling those needs in Phoenix.”

Kristin McCue also mentioned that the program will be expanding once government regulations from COVID-19 allow for more public activity.

“Many organizations are struggling, and they have a lot of things on their plate right now,” McCue said. “But we already have partnerships with more pro-life organizations that will be working with us through Skills for Life as coronavirus issues fade away, and we’re excited to continue growing this important project with them.” 

Ryan Everson reaffirmed Duka’s point, stressing the need to mobilize a larger pro-life volunteer force in their community before Roe gets rolled back. “Arizona is one of the many states with protections for unborn children that are not in effect because of Roe, so we can’t just wait for Roe to be rolled back and then start scrambling for volunteers,” Everson said. “That’s not a plan for success. The time to prepare is now, and we’re thankful for the amazing pro-life groups that have partnered with us and recognized this need. ”

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