This Students for Life Group Made 3 BIG Changes on Campus

Brenna Lewis - 08 Apr 2020

The Students for Life group at the University of St. Francis has
worked very hard this year to build bridges, find common ground, and create resources on campus that will help parenting students find success! 

Their journey to assist pregnant and parenting students began when the group decided to join a “diversity roundtable” on campus. The goal of the meeting was to find creative ways to assist non-traditional students. While at this roundtable, the group helped their peers see the necessity of pregnant and parenting student resources on campus.

Childcare Assistance for Students 

The first policy the school approved as a new resource is a “Kids Corner, which is a designated study room on campus where parenting students can do homework while someone watches their children. The group is currently working on streamlining the babysitting process so that the parenting students can study with ease. They’ve also held a toy drive to make sure the kids are entertained. All of the little details are important, so the group is also working to ensure that good sanitation practices and procedures are in place, keeping the children healthy! 

Resource Brochure

The next thing the group is bringing to campus is a brochure with a comprehensive list of life-affirming resources. This list includes three different places where women can find free, local help. The offerings include services like pregnancy tests, housing, financial resources, ultrasounds, legal assistance, counseling, and even STD testingThe brochure also offers resources for women seeking healing after abortion.  

Space for Nursing Mothers

Lastly, the school has approved the addition of a lactation room to be open in the nurses office. Creating a policy on campus that assures a clean, quiet, and peaceful place to pump or nurse is essential for breastfeeding mothers. So, why can’t she just sneak away to the bathroom or an empty space? First and foremost, because that’s gross. Who wants to prepare their baby’s food (or feed their baby) in a public bathroom? No one. Every student who is breastfeeding is legally entitled to a dignified nursing space. 

We are so grateful for groups like the St. Francis Students for Life who are working endlessly to ensure good policies are in place, supporting pregnant and parenting students! These accommodations literally save lives. To learn more about changing policies on your campus, email [email protected] 

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