3,300 Pro-Life Activists Tell Governors: Shut Down Abortion Facilities To Preserve Valuable Medical Resources

Brenna Lewis - 24 Mar 2020

In just one day, over 3,300 pro-life activists joined a nationwide call to urge U.S. governors to tell abortion facilities to donate their personal protective equipment and other important medical resources to local hospitals and medical clinics to help fight the coronavirus. Abortion is not an essential service, and Planned Parenthood is not an essential business.

You can join the nationwide effort by using Student for Life of America’s easy-to-use grassroots contact system. You can create your free account here; it takes just a few seconds.

At a time when many areas are facing medical supply shortages and taxpayer dollars are being redirected to address the consequences of the coronavirus, abortion facilities remain open, aborting babies every day. However, only essential and emergency medical procedures are supposed to be taking place; abortion is neither essential nor an emergency medical procedure.

We are calling on every governor to use their emergency powers to close abortion facilities and to ask the facilities to donate their taxpayer-funded, necessary medical supplies to local hospitals and clinics that need it to provide real life-saving care.

During times like this, we must prioritize the health and well-being of vulnerable populations by ensuring the medical supplies and gear go to real healthcare providers.

In a statement yesterday, Kristan Hawkins stated, “Cities and states are ordering non-essential businesses to shut down and telling medical clinics and hospitals to prioritize coronavirus patients and emergency procedures. It makes no sense that Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities should remain open to commit abortions, as abortion is never essential. While millions of medical professionals across the country are scrambling to find necessary supplies, we urge every governor to order abortion facilities to cease abortions and to donate their taxpayer-funded,  necessary medical supplies to local hospitals and clinics that need it to provide real life-saving care”

We are still working to urge governors to close abortion facilities and can use your help.

Simply sign up here today to get started.

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