30,000 Healthcare Professionals Say to Halt Abortion During Pandemic

Hayley Tschetter - 24 Mar 2020

Pro-life doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are calling on the government to halt abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. They are fighting back against the spin of the abortion industry that apparently, the answer to the COVID-19 crisis is more abortion An email the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the North Central States, Sarah Stoesz, sent out called abortion “life-saving and absolutely essential” during this global pandemic.

In fact, some abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood in Ohio and the Women’s Med Center of Dayton are going so far as to defy the order from the state attorney general that banned surgical procedures that are nonessential and elective, including abortions. Healthcare professionals have concerns about abortion facilities remaining open during the crisis and here’s why: conserving resources to fight the pandemic is crucial. The abortion facilities are taking away some of the valuable personal protective equipment (PPE) from actual medical institutions, abortion is not essential healthcare, and the funding and resources being spent on abortions could be utilized for saving lives from COVID-19. 

Halting abortions would conserve valuable resources like PPE for those on the front lines battling COVID-19. Medical clinics are experiencing shortages of PPE and those being used by abortion facilities could be used to save lives from COVID-19. Not only are they using resources, but patients at abortion facilities are being unnecessarily subjected to a higher risk for contracting COVID-19. Thus adding to the issue of hospitals being overwhelmed by cases, all for nonessential healthcare from abortion facilities. A Brietbart article shared that, “Pro-life organizations that have long documented the unsanitary conditions at abortion clinics, however, fear ‘steps to reduce the use’ of PPE during abortions will further compromise the safety of women and cause the continued spread of the coronavirus.” 

Abortion is not essential healthcare. It’s an unnatural, violent termination of preborn children. The groups that represent over 30,000 physicians signed the letter calling for the suspension of abortion in order to save the resources for essential, life-saving healthcare. Rather than trying to save lives, abortion facilities are using this time of crisis to push their agenda. Some abortion proponents are even going so far as to suggest that the FDA lift restrictions placed on the abortion pill, RU-486. This, as Students for Life has covered before, will not help the situation as it would be dangerous for women. 

The funding and resources going to abortion facilities could be better used to save lives from COVID-19 rather than to take lives through abortion. Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic will help to open the eyes of the public to the abortion industry’s real motive: money. They do not care about saving lives. They do not care about women, children, or families. This situation only further proves it. 

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