Chief Abortion Lobby Spokesman Says Coronavirus Proves We Need Chemical Abortion Drugs

Brenna Lewis - 10 Mar 2020

Dr. Daniel Grossman is the chief spokesman for the abortion industry, producing “studies” that almost always seem to reinforce the abortion industry’s narrative. He helped the abortion industry lobby in California for a law, SB-24, that will flood California public colleges with dangerous RU-486 chemical abortion drugs.

But now Grossman has a new theory; the coronavirus scare is a good argument for why we must keep RU-486 chemical abortion drugs freely available on the Internet and without much regulation.

When Grossman says, “self-managed abortion” what he actually means is, “let women take abortion drugs and painfully be stuck in the bathroom for several days.”

Pro-life activist and nurse, Marie Stettler, shared her story of the trauma of taking RU-486 chemical abortion drugs.

Abortion drugs are dangerous and do not belong on college campuses or in general society.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) has introduced legislation to curb the availability of RU-486 drugs.  The Senator’s office has pointed out, “Chemical abortions have a much higher complication rate than surgical abortions performed at the same point in pregnancy and result in a higher rate of emergency room visits” and “Mifeprex does not treat ectopic pregnancies, and as a result, many of the women who have died after taking Mifeprex have perished from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Without a physician conducting an ultrasound, there is no way to know definitelythat a pregnancy is ectopic. Furthermore, many of the symptoms of having a rupturing ectopic pregnancy are the same symptoms of having a chemical abortion: bleeding, pain, and cramping.”

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