(VIDEO): Legal Expert Says The Supreme Court Should Allow Health and Safety Standards To Stand

Brenna Lewis - 03 Mar 2020

A leading legal expert and an author of the book on the problems of Roe v. Wade has released a video with Students for Life explaining the Supreme Court Case Gee v. June Medical Services (now called June Medical Services v. Russo) which is being heard on Wednesday, March 4th. The case will determine whether the state of Louisiana and other states, can regulate abortion facilities in the same way that they regulate hospitals and medical clinics.

Students for Life released the video today featuring Clarke Forsythe, Senior Counsel at Americans United For Life (AUL has filed briefs in support of the law).

The case will be a major test of two Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Both justices were vigorously opposed by the abortion industry because they were presumed to be sympathetic to allowing states to regulate abortion.

We’ve put together a primer on the case.

Some key points:

  • This year, June Medical Services v. Russoa similar law, will be presented to the Supreme Court. It all originated with Act 620 in Louisiana. Act 620 requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of abortion facility (2) and undergo regular inspections. The pro-abortion movement is arguing that this is no different than Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt and putting it to the ‘undue burden’ test.”
  • This is about basic health and safety rules. What they are fighting against is common sense. We are taking about regular inspections that would determine whether equipment is sterilized, if blood, human tissue, and medical records are being handled correctly, and whether fraud itaking place.”
  • Anyone who has had any kind of medical procedure understands there are risks. Other ambulatory surgical centers are held to a higher standard. Abortionists should not be exempt from having arrangements for their dying or severely injured patients who need medical attention at the hospital. If abortionists are real doctors, why aren’t they being held to the same standard?

You can read the full primer here.

As can be expected, this case has drawn numerous amicus briefs in support and in opposition to the case.


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