5 Valentine’s Ideas for Students for Life Groups

Brenna Lewis - 06 Feb 2020

Ghandi said, “Where there is love, there is life.” And he couldn’t have been any more right! The pro-life movement is the movement of love. And that’s why February is FULL of ready-made ideas for group events and activities. If you’re part of a pro-life group on campus… check these out!

Group Event & Activity Ideas

#1 Table on Campus with Sweet Treats

Use the Valentine’s theme for a productive pro-life tabling event. Because hearts are obviously a fitting symbol, buy or make some heart-shaped treats (cookies, candies, marshmallow treats, etc). Print out little tags with a pro-life fact/slogan on them (All heartbeats matter – born & preborn!) and find a cute way to attach it to the treat. Offer them to passersby and start good conversations (which you can track & win prizes for here).

#2 Invite a Pro-Life Speaker to Talk About Healthy Relationships

It’s a topic many young people need to hear about. If you don’t have anyone local in mind, Students for Life can help! Reach out to your Regional Coordinator who can help connect you with someone, or even come to campus themselves to present on this topic. Trouble finding your Regional Coordinator? Contact [email protected] and include what state you attend school in. 

#3 Show a Pro-Life Movie on Campus

Pro-life movies always have a strong theme of love! Depending on your school (middle, high, college, or grad), choose a movie that is appropriate (some have adult themes). Click here to see our full list.

Movies that tend to work for middle school audiences include Horton Hears a Who, August Rush, & Meet the Robinsons.

Movies that are appropriate for high school include Bella, Juno, & October Baby.

College & grad students have basically free range with options like The Waitress, Unplanned, Gosnell, & Gimme Shelter.

Regardless of what movie you choose… make sure to facilitate a pro-life discussion afterwards!

#4 Host a Valentine’s Day Dance

But make it extra pro-life! Instead of charging admission, let attendees know that a baby or maternity item is the cost of entrance. Then donate the items to your favorite pregnancy resource center. Make your dance even more pro-life by giving it a pro-life name (Dance for Babies, etc. Get creative!). Make pro-life themed refreshments (cookies in the shape of baby feet… check out baby shower board for great ideas). You could even do a photo booth. Have fun with it!

Need help planning it? Your SFLA Regional Coordinator can help!

#5 Do Heart or Love -Themed Abortion Outreach

This can take many forms. Depending on how the weather is in February on your campus, your group can do sidewalk chalking and focus on hearts (Abortion Stops One Heart and Breaks Another, Abortion Stops a Beating Heart, A Baby’s Heart Starts Beating at 21 Days, etc).

You can table with SFLA’s “When Do Human Rights Begin” trifold and let fellow students know all about fetal development – including that precious heartbeat at only 21 days.

Your group can do an awareness campaign. Make little hearts to pin on your backpacks or clothes on Valentine’s Day. Include a brief fact like “Preborn Hearts Matter” or “Pro-Life is Pro-Love.” Get creative!

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