Pro-Lifers Organize En Masse To Defend Human Life In Florida

Brenna Lewis - 05 Feb 2020

Abortion activists are once again going overboard, this time in Florida they are trying to stop parents from being involved in the decisions their underage, teen daughters make with their unplanned pregnancies. This is the same Florida abortion lobby that employed a lobbyist who supported infanticide, for what it’s worth.

So they probably weren’t ready for a large pro-life lobby day led by groups like Students for Life Action. reports, “Nearly 80 others from multiple anti-abortion organizations, such as Students for Life of America, arrived later. They weaved their way between their counterparts with signs reading ‘I vote pro-life first’ and ‘I am the pro-life generation.'”

You can see some of the great photos below:

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Ryan Neuhaus, the Florida Regional Coordinator for Students for Life recently published an op-ed in, explaining the importance of parental consent.

“Parental engagement laws place a pregnant minor’s interest and safety at the forefront of the conversation rather than at the back. There are significant concerns that arise from a lack of parental engagement in intense and emotional times for a child. By pushing against policies that unite a child with their parents, abortion activists are trying to encourage an abortion decision from children, a life-altering decision made in a way that leaves them unprotected and diminishes the roles of mother and father.The family is the foundational unit of society, the building block of a strong and stable culture, and the first engine of economic growth. When things go wrong, usually parents are the ones helping a child deal with the trauma, not Planned Parenthood. And for those underage girls who talk with a judge, engagement with an adult who is not trying to make an abortion sale allows for an unbiased discussion and possible intervention by authorities if abuses are taking place. Good policy protects the safest places for a child and provides other adult intervention when needed.”

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