Michigan Students Work To Put Dismemberment Ban On The Ballot

Brenna Lewis - 03 Feb 2020

Pro-lifers in Michigan were able to mobilize to help put a ban on dismemberment abortions on the ballot in 2020. The effort came after the state’s pro-abortion governor, Gretchen Whitmer, vetoed the legislation, which would ban the abortions. Under Michigan law, voters can overturn a governor’s veto through a referendum. The signatures now need to be approved and another piece of legislation passed through the Michigan General Assembly, which is a majority pro-life.

Pro-life students in Michigan helped with the effort to collect over 300,000 signatures, including Students for Life Action state captains Kaylee Tegethoff, Baylee DeVos, and Chloe Kilano. The effort was started and coordinated by Right to Life of Michigan.

Tegethoff stated, “Pro-life students were an active part in the effort to gather signatures for the citizen initiative banning dismemberment abortion in the state of Michigan. Students mobilized and connected with people on college campuses across Michigan collecting hundreds of signatures. Some of the activities pro-life students participated in were collecting signatures between classes, canvassing for the pro-life cause before sports games and events on campus, hosting tabling displays to inform people about the reality of dismemberment abortion procedures, and joining other collection drives in communities across the state. Throughout the petition drive, students stood up for the unborn, advocating for the right to life and for the end of unjust and barbaric abortion procedures. Young people are active and engaged in the fight for life in Michigan!”

You can learn more about the next steps and the language of the legislation here.


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