Spread the Word – Not a Disease

Brenna Lewis - 31 Jan 2020

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In today’s culture of casual sex being no big deal, your friends might not be thinking of the downsides. Are there really consequences? We see casual sex portrayed in movies and TV shows, but the topic of STD’s . . .  not so much. Very rarely, if at all.  However, STD’s are far from rare.

A few facts about STD’s:

  • 20 Million New Cases Of STD’s Every Year That Is Over 50,000 A Day!
  • More Than 110 Million People In The United States Are Currently Living With An Incurable STD.
  • One Out Of Two Youth Will Acquire An STD Before Age 25.

Some other consequences of casual sex include unexpected pregnancy.  Some people hope to avoid an unexpected pregnancy and consider oral sex to be a “safer” or less “risky” alternative but STD’s can still be transmitted through oral sex and may lead to throat cancer.

In today’s culture of casual sex, it’s easy to overlook the facts.

Be informed, know your risks,  Spread the Word – Not a Disease.

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