How Can I Help a Woman in Need?

Brenna Lewis - 31 Jan 2020

Guest Post by Real Alternatives

Finding out that someone you care about is pregnant when it isn’t planned may come as a huge shock – the news might even be upsetting. Too many teenagers in America find themselves in this situation every year. When you hear the news, it’s ok to be shocked or feel upset – that’s normal. But remember, the new parent needs your help. They are looking to you for support and guidance now more than ever.

At Real Alternatives, we want each new mother to be given the red-carpet treatment, but unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we want to equip each person with the right tools to help every woman who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

We compiled a list of action items to help you be the loving support your friend or daughter needs. Even if you don’t know anyone who is in an unplanned pregnancy and you still want to help, there’s good news! We have a list of action items for that too.

How Can I Help A Friend or Loved One in Need?

  • Listen to her thoughts and concerns without interrupting
  • Be understanding and patient
  • Let her know she is not alone, and give her your love and support
  • Acknowledge her feelings and fears
  • Encourage her to stay in school
  • Affirm her for her courage
  • Let her know you will support her through her pregnancy, parenting or adoption experience.
  • Make sure she gets what she needs – good food, sleep, relaxation, and possibly a safe place to live.
  • Offer to drive her to your nearest life-affirming pregnancy care center where she will be provided with free counseling, pregnancy test if needed, supplies, and additional resources.
  • Go with her to talk to her parents or if you are her parents, involve other supportive family members if possible.

Click on the following links for specific guidance on how to help a friend or loved one in need

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Image previewHow to Help Your Local Pregnancy Center

  • Research and visit the life-affirming pregnancy, maternity home, and adoption services centers in your area.
  • Tell your school nurse or guidance counselor about the life-affirming centers in your area.
  • Raise funds or supplies for your local life affirming pregnancy or adoption services center. Here are some ideas:
    • Baby Bottle Drive
    • Baby Diaper Drive
    • Baby Food Drive
    • Baby Supply Drive
    • Maternity Clothing Drive
    • Run a marathon for the purpose of raising funds and awareness
    • Plan a life-affirming movie festival at your church or school – donate all the proceeds to your local pregnancy services center.
  • Volunteer at your local pregnancy services center or maternity home.
  • Talk to your friends about how they can help life affirming pregnancy resource centers.
  • Learn about the stages of fetal development.

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