These 2 Christian Colleges are Promoting Planned Parenthood

Brenna Lewis - 29 Jan 2020

Planned Parenthood targets college students nationwide with abortion advertising. Their message? You can’t do it. You can’t finish your education and manage a pregnancy or parent a child.

That message is wrong on so many levels, feminism being a major one. So, in this way, it’s wrong for any school to be promoting the abortion giant that sells abortions and profits from fetal body part sales. But here’s the bigger problem: there are also Christian schools promoting Planned Parenthood.

These two schools, West Virginia Wesleyan College and the College of St. Rose (New York), need a little reality check about what the Christian course of action is when a young woman is confronted with an unexpected pregnancy.

West Virginia Wesleyan College

According to Wikipedia… West Virginia Wesleyan College is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college in Buckhannon, West Virginia, United States. It has an enrollment of about 1,400 students from 35 U.S. states and 26 countries. The school was founded in 1890 by the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist church.

The United Methodist Church has support for abortion written into their doctrine. This denomination is currently flirting with a split – over this issue and more. Regardless… this Christian denomination should never have supported abortion. Watch the video below about abortion & Christianity:

What Did They Do?

How We’ve Responded

  • · Sent letter to administration: 11/4/19 (no response)
  • · Follow up email sent: 11/21/19 (no response)

Contact the School!

Call or email West Virginia Wesleyan College and tell them not to allow Planned Parenthood to train students on campus!

Talking Points about Planned Parenthood & Abortion

  • The nearest Planned Parenthood abortion that West Virginia Wesleyan students can find is about two and a half hours away from the school at the Pittsburgh location. Info about this abortion facility:
  • They commit abortions up to 18 weeks (four months pregnant). Baby has been capable of feeling pain as early as 12 weeks. Baby has this appearance at 18 weeks:
  • Image result for 18 week fetus
  • Abortions range from $435 to $955 depending on the age of the baby.
  • This is how abortions are done at different stages:

The College of St. Rose

According to Wikipedia… The College of Saint Rose is a private college in Albany, New York. It was founded in 1920 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The college enrolls a total of approximately 3,929 2,504 undergraduates and 1,425 postgraduates.

One of the stated goals of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet is to “recognize and defend the human dignity of all persons.” Also noted on their Beliefs page is: Foundational to the principles of Catholic social teaching is our belief in the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of the human person.

So… what we have is a Catholic school that, with time and non-Catholic hiring practices, went awry (at least where abortion is concerned). This article refers to the school as Catholic. On the school website, it notes that they “revere their Catholic history & heritage.”

What Did They Do?

The College of St. Rose’s library lists Planned Parenthood as a resource for students on their website.

Check it out (you won’t have trouble finding it – Planned Parenthood is at the very top):

How We’ve Responded

We emailed the librarian in September 2019 asking him to replace Planned Parenthood with medical entities that did not commit abortions. He responded with a refusal to do so. You can read more about that here.

Contact the School! 

Call or email the College of Saint Rose and tell them to remove Planned Parenthood as a health and wellness resource from their website!

Talking Points about Planned Parenthood & Abortion

Know of a school promoting Planned Parenthood? Contact Katie Lodjic.

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