Disgusting! Pro-Choicers Celebrate Tragic Car Crash Involving Covington Catholic Students

Brenna Lewis - 28 Jan 2020

This weekend, while traveling home from the National Pro-Life March, a bus carrying pro-lifers from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky was in an accident when a driver, who unfortunately died at the scene, drove on the wrong side of the highway, crashing into their bus. Covington Catholic is the high school that was targeted by media outlets like CNN after an edited video was used to push a false narrative that pro-life students wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats had surrounded a  Native-American Vietnam war veteran and chanted ‘build the wall.’ So many parts of that narrative were inaccurate that we don’t have time to go into it; but CNN will probably have to correct the record as part of the reported multi-million dollar settlement with student Nick Sandmann.

In response to the crash, our Twitter accounted tweeted:

Immediately, radical abortion activists started mocking the students:

However, at least one pro-choicer hit back at her own people, saying, “I’m not a thoughts and prayers person. I’m also prochoice. I also think it’s unconscionable to make jokes about what looks like a pretty horrific wreck regardless of the fact that HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS were on the way home from a prolife event. Were your morals fully gelled in HS?”

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