Leading Pro-Life Groups Just Trained More Than 3000 Activists

Brenna Lewis - 25 Jan 2020

Leading pro-life groups including Students for Life of America, Live Action, Alliance Defending Freedom, SBA List, and Heritage Foundation just trained 3,000+ student and adult leaders at the first National Pro-Life Summit. The National Pro-Life Summit is a collaboration over numerous pro-life groups to prepare for a post-Roe America.

You can watch the full livestream below:

Camille Cisneros, the Supportive Services Coordinator, said, “It is so great to see so many students and adults in one place joining together to learn how we can best abolish abortion. In a post-Roe America,  we all must unite to create a culture of life, but we cannot do it if we are not united against abortion.”

Katie Lodjic, the National Field Director for Students for Life Action added, “The pro-life movement must work to defund Planned Parenthood, kick the abortion industry out of our schools, and empower women and families. The National Pro-Life Summit is a great opportunity for us to learn from one another.”

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