BREAKING: At Least 225,000 People Attended The National Pro-Life March

Brenna Lewis - 24 Jan 2020

NoteStudents for Life of America conducted an estimate of minimum number of people that marched at the National Pro-Life March. Anyone who would like to conduct their own analysis can e-mail Matt Lamb at [email protected] and we can provide you with the full footage.

According to an estimate conducted by Students for Life of America, at least 225,000 people marched today. Here is our method:

Our Creative Director and the Director of Communications created a box on our footage of march and counted the number of people within the box, using several methods, including a simple rows multiplied by columns formula.

We estimated between 750 to 1200 people were in each frame. It took 25 seconds for the box to clear. The footage lasts 78 minutes, so we multiplied 1200 times 187 (4680 seconds/25 seconds). This gives us a number of about 225,000.

Please note:

  • Some boxes are denser than 1,200 people
  • At least 10,000 people were in front of the official National Pro-Life March start and were not captured in this footage.
  • This is a raw estimate. Anyone who would like to apply their own formula or replicate ours is invited to reach out to us for the footage.

You can watch the timelapse below:

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