ONE Unifying Experience: The National Pro-Life Summit

Brenna Lewis - 15 Jan 2020

We are finally ONE week away from the biggest pro-life conference in the world. The National Pro-Life Summit is truly historic (appropriate, seeing as the chosen theme was History Maker).

The pro-life movement is huge and diverse, made up of many different organizations. But we are all one team. Our mission is the same: abolish abortion and end this war on the preborn. Regardless of backgrounds, philosophies, chosen methods, and other differences, the pro-life movement must be united.

Alone, we are weak – no match for a gargantuan abortion industry fed by billions of our tax dollars and worshiped by Hollywood and the mainstream media.

But together – we will accomplish our mission. We will abolish abortion and put Roe v. Wade on the ash heap of history where it belongs.

Refuel the Pro-Life Tanks

Being active in a social justice movement is not always easy. We face violence and aggression from those who oppose our mission. We joke that the pro-life movement drags the introverts out of our caves; people who are soft-spoken and uncomfortable with confrontation are out on the front lines, taking a stand for life. So important is the mission to protect the most vulnerable.

The entire National Pro-Life March experience is a refueling of the energy tanks. We spend a year fighting 50 different state battles for life, as well as many more in our individual communities. The National Pro-Life March (and National Pro-Life Summit) are our opportunities to get re-energized. It’s practically impossible to march through our nation’s capital with about a million other cheerful pro-life advocates and not feel invigorated.

Same goes for the National Pro-Life Summit. It can feel daunting to fight the battle for life in your city. But all that changes with knowledge. Even having a productive dialogue with a pro-choice person gets incredibly easier when you’ve been trained on pro-life apologetics.

We Are In It to Win It

A theme of a past Students for Life Conference was Born to Win. And we truly are. We are strategic, passionate, and innovative. We have the tools and knowledge to get to the finish line. There will be a day in America where preborn children are safe again.

Thank you for being a part of our mission. We hope you can join us at this Summit that makes us ONE. We are one movement, one mission, one spirit. And now, we’re also only one week away.

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