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09 Nov 2021

Pro-Abortion Students Vandalize ANOTHER Pro-Life Display at Catholic University

Caroline Wharton | November 9, 2021
  Yesterday (Monday, November 8) at Saint Louis University — a Catholic school — pro-abortion advocates vandalized the SLU Students for Life group’s annual Cemetery of the Innocents display. This display is a memorial to lives lost from abortion that the group organizes each year. Of course, those who constantly demand “tolerance” of their viewpoints are once again being completely
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15 Oct 2021

Pro-Life Display Protested at Catholic School, Home of Pro-Life Student Later Vandalized

Brenna Lewis | October 15, 2021
The state of affairs at Catholic and Christian schools would likely shock anyone who graduated from such a school more than a few years ago. They are no longer safe havens for students who reject abortion violence. When Students for Life at Gonzaga did a pro-life display this week, pro-abortion students on the Catholic campus protested in full force, pitching
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06 Oct 2021

Pro-Life Student Chalks Loving Messages, Passing Male Nearly Spits on Her Hand

Brenna Lewis | October 6, 2021
  When my Students for Life group at Central Michigan University met earlier this semester to plan a chalking event to bring awareness to our organization and beliefs… I was beyond excited. But I was new. Little did I know just how much I would learn about the struggle of pro-life movement from this simple event. Later and armed with
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Abortion in the bible
29 Sep 2021

Catholic Church in Colorado Vandalized in SHOCKING Ways by Abortion Supporters

Brenna Lewis | September 29, 2021
  The staff and parishioners of Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado woke today to find their church grounds had been desecrated by a hate crime in the night by rabidly pro-abortion (and Catholic-hating) vandals. Click each photo to enlarge… During the night, the vandals spray painted disgusting messages on vehicles, the exterior of the church, and
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20 May 2021

“Black Baby Lives Matter” Display Repeatedly Vandalized on Milwaukee Campus

Brenna Lewis | May 20, 2021
  Earlier this month, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Right to Life put together a creative public display to highlight lives lost to abortion. Unfortunately, abortion-supporting students believe that pro-life students should be silenced. The students shared their story… By Rylie Gill, MSOE Right to Life The Black Baby Lives matter display was put up on May 4th at 6am
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03 May 2021

Pro-Abortion “Feminists” Canceled Me — So I Started a Newspaper

Brenna Lewis | May 3, 2021
  Guest Post by Chloe Folmar President of William and Mary’s Tribe for Life  In October, I was part of Students for Life’s SCOTUS Squad, living in Washington, D.C. and advocating for the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. One of the highlights  during our time there was the Women’s March. As it approached the Supreme Court, other representatives for
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17 Mar 2021

Pro-Choice Stranger Rips Up Students’ Signs in Portland

Brenna Lewis | March 17, 2021
  Each fall and spring, a 40 Days for Life Campaign takes place in cities across America. During this campaign, pro-life advocates visit the sidewalks outside of abortion facilities, either to engage in sidewalk advocacy or simply provide a loving presence. Many pro-life students who participate bring sidewalk chalk and write compassionate messages for expecting mothers to see. This is
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