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29 Oct 2021

Anti-Catholic Bias on Catholic Campuses? Say It Isn’t so!

Caroline Wharton | October 29, 2021
  There is a real problem today with Catholic and other faith-based schools failing to pass the torch of faith (or even respect for faith) to the next generation. Instead, students are allowed run rampant on doctrinal issues, bring anti-faith values to religious institutions, and bully people who hold religious beliefs. Lately, this tragedy has been highlighted when pro-life speakers
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15 Oct 2021

Pro-Life Display Protested at Catholic School, Home of Pro-Life Student Later Vandalized

Brenna Lewis | October 15, 2021
The state of affairs at Catholic and Christian schools would likely shock anyone who graduated from such a school more than a few years ago. They are no longer safe havens for students who reject abortion violence. When Students for Life at Gonzaga did a pro-life display this week, pro-abortion students on the Catholic campus protested in full force, pitching
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Abortion in the bible
29 Sep 2021

Catholic Church in Colorado Vandalized in SHOCKING Ways by Abortion Supporters

Brenna Lewis | September 29, 2021
  The staff and parishioners of Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado woke today to find their church grounds had been desecrated by a hate crime in the night by rabidly pro-abortion (and Catholic-hating) vandals. Click each photo to enlarge… During the night, the vandals spray painted disgusting messages on vehicles, the exterior of the church, and
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18 Jun 2021

Students for Life Praises U.S. Bishops’ Vote to Address Pro-Abortion ‘Catholic’ Politicians

Kristi Hamrick | June 18, 2021
“With nearly one million children targeted for abortion violence each year, the stakes are too high for Christian leaders to NOT hold powerful politicians who claim to share their faith accountable to teachings on the sacredness of human life,” said Kristan Hawkins, President of SFLA/SFLAction. “We are pleased that a majority of U.S. bishops recognize the urgency of this matter
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16 Jun 2021

Students for Life Rallies Urge Accountability for Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians

Brenna Lewis | June 16, 2021
Today, the Pro-Life Generation gathered outside the home churches of seven Catholic Bishops proclaiming a unified message – Fight for Faith & Life! For five of these Bishops, the message was that of gratitude. For two, the message was one of constructive critique and encouragement as leaders of a massive faith community to steadfastly protect the preborn. Read more about the rallies
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12 Jun 2021

Should Pro-Abortion Politicians be Allowed to Receive Communion at Church? Take Action With Us…

Brenna Lewis | June 12, 2021
  Students for Life is rallying to Fight for Life & Faith on Wednesday, June 16th. Click here to join us!  Not many people know the demographic makeup of American women who have abortions. The data is fairly shocking. According to the Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood’s research arm), 54% of women who pay for abortions self-identify as practicing Christians.  Practicing Christians… meaning Catholics
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26 May 2021

Notre Dame Students Don’t Want Pro-Abortion Joe Biden at Their Graduation

Samantha Kamman | May 26, 2021
For twenty years, the sitting president or vice-president has addressed Notre Dame graduates but, in a move that breaks with tradition, President Joe Biden will not attend the university’s 2021 commencement ceremony. According to the Catholic News Agency, Notre Dame president, Rev. John Jenkins, invited the nation’s second Catholic president, Biden, but he allegedly declined due to scheduling conflicts. However,
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29 Mar 2021

The Chief of Staff at this Catholic Hospital is a Planned Parenthood Abortionist

Caroline Wharton | March 29, 2021
  My name is Autumn Lindsey and I am part of the local Bellingham 40 Days for Life prayer vigil, during which we pray outside of the Planned Parenthood. Over time, we start to recognize the nurses and abortionists because we also pray for them directly. One of my volunteers told me that the abortionist, Anna Dowling, was also an
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02 Feb 2021

Cardinal Dolan Explains Why Catholics are so ‘Hung up’ on Abortion

Jessica Nardi | February 2, 2021
  President Joe Biden is now officially in office, and while he calls himself a practicing Catholic, he still plans on enforcing the radical abortion policies his presidential campaign ran on. This begs the question of where Catholics stand on abortion and the dignity of the human person since our “Catholic” president doesn’t align with its teachings. Cardinal Timothy Dolan
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02 Oct 2020

Pope Francis Is Against Any And All Abortions

Jessica Nardi | October 2, 2020
Pope Francis is a skilled diplomat. And he knows he’s got a problem in the Church — that there are many Catholics who don’t understand the Church’s teachings on abortion. He also understands that if you come out too strongly on this to a group of people who care more about popular culture than their faith, you risk alienating quite
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