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Counter Protesting Pro-Abortion Activists at the Super Bowl Parade: Why We Must Continue to be Proactive 

William Anderson - 23 Feb 2024

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in various ways. Some enjoy traditional Valentine’s Day, while others attend Ash Wednesday services. But in the heartland of the United States, Kansas City, Missouri, was celebration of their historic back-to-back victories at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade.  

Unfortunately, there are those who want to cause widespread physical harm, and our prayers go out to the victims, first responders, and the heroes from the shooting that occurred at the Super Bowl Parade. 

There was another event that happened that turned the day into a partisan one. Abortion extremists attended the festivities to not only strip human rights from preborn babies, but also to deceive people about the ballot initiative they were signing.  

Their signs read: “put abortion rights on the ballot.”  

However, they failed to explain the abortion ballot’s initiative. Section 36.6 of the ballot states:  

“The Government shall not discriminate against persons providing or obtaining reproductive health care...”  

This does not mean only licensed medical professionals or practitioners.  

Instead, this allows anyone to perform an abortion and they would be covered under the law. This means unqualified, non-medical personnel or even an abusive partner can not only end the life of an innocent child, but also mentally and physically harm the mother. 

The pro-life generation needs to stand up against the misinformation from pro-abortion extremists. 

Moments like this show how the pro-life movement has been proactive and must continue to be as pro-abortion activists attempt to hijack events or start rallies of their own. A few examples of SFLA students mobilizing include:  

When we’re quick to action, it allows for planning, coordination, and assistance from pro-life allies.  

We’ve done it many times before successfully, and we’ll keep doing it.  

It takes guts. There will be hostility. While at the parade, we stood with a sign encouraging others to decline to sign. Many people were upset we were there, but we can’t afford to stop fighting for what is right.  

SFLA stands in the gap to protect preborn life, and the rest of the movement must continue doing the same. Those who do not advocate for what they believe in have no right to complain about what happens.  

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