Pro-Life Generation Favorites: SFLA’s Top Five Blogs in 2023  

Caroline Wharton - 18 Dec 2023

The Students for Life of America (SFLA) blog produced a lot of content in 2023 to keep the Pro-Life Generation informed on legislation, court decisions, free speech, pop culture, and general apologetics — and as the year wraps up, we’re seeing that our readers’ have a diverse taste and appreciate the variety. Here are the top five favorite articles viewed on our blog this year:  

  1. Did Someone Forget the First Amendment? Public High School Denies SFLA Group Because It Didn’t “Feel Right” 

The Pro-Life Generation is often besieged by free speech violations, and this blog recounted a recent case of First Amendment discrimination faced by pro-life students at a public high school. The issue has now been resolved, thanks to SFLA legal counsel. Describing what happened, pro-life student leaders Aidan Strobel and Jacob Barton wrote in part:  

When we emailed… [the Activities Director], we received no response for days (keep in mind that this is his job), and when we followed up with him again, we finally got the following message: “After looking at the Students For Life website and talking to Dr. Waekerle [the building principal] about this matter, we feel like Marquette isn’t the right place for this group.” 

“It was an odd email, and it both baffled and confused us that he couldn’t even give a reason for denying our request — he just “feels” that it is not right for Marquette. Fortunately, we live in America so what he feels doesn’t determine our rights.”   

To read this blog in its entirety, click HERE.  

  1. How Paris Hilton Has Horrifically Frozen 20 Sons Through IVF “Waiting For a Girl” 

In March 2023, Hilton revealed that she and her husband were being sex-selective when it came to IVF. According to an interview, the couple has frozen 20 male embryos in their search for a girl. SFLA reported on the matter,  

Maybe Hilton won’t ever get her girl, and she’ll relent and use one of them. Maybe she’ll get her girl after all, and still think, “Hey, let’s use one or two of the boys for fun now, too.” Maybe she’ll never use any of them — but you can probably bet a lot of money on the fact that she will never use all of them. A number of her children will become discarded because they weren’t what she wanted; because she couldn’t use them. 

“Is this what parenthood has become in our society? Parents picking and choosing which offspring are most “desirable” and then abandoning the rest? This is literally often what happens with embryos that are unwanted after IVF. Parents cannot bring themselves to use the embryos, and they also cannot bring themselves to tell their IVF clinic to get rid of them — deep down, they’re uncomfortable because they know something feels off about it.”  

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  1. Top 5 Grossest Abortion “Jokes” Chris Rock Made in New Netflix Special 

Comedian Chris Rock released a very controversial Netflix special earlier this year, and it featured a long bit on abortion…which wasn’t really funny as much as it was enlightening into the abortion lobby’s perspective. Rock made several points which were hard to hear but showed exactly how abortion supporters’ think. SFLA wrote:  

He said, “People always say, ‘Chris, you shouldn’t talk about abortion, it’s a women issue.’ I’m like…I’ve paid for more abortions than any woman in this room. When I go to the clinic, I say, ‘Give me the usual.’ When I go in there, they give me a punch card. Two more and I get a free smoothie.”   

“Bragging about how many preborn children you’ve killed isn’t funny — but it does say something about how you view fatherhood and the women that you didn’t care enough about to offer support or co-parenting when they conceived your child. This is yet another example of pro-abortion men using abortion as a sick tool in order to use women for their pleasure without any responsibility towards them.”  

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  1. Planned Parenthood’s First Response to the War in Israel Was to Increase the Killing — Anyone Surprised?  

Written by a SFLA Student Spokesperson, this blog fired shots at the abortion giant’s disgusting response to the crisis in Israel as Planned Parenthood piled on the violence. Very pro-women of them, right? Student Carrena Falls wrote:  

Planned Parenthood’s official response to the crisis read: “…Planned Parenthood’s work is to hold up the humanity of all people and to fight for a world where no person is marginalized or attacked for who they are… All people deserve to live a life free from hate, violence and persecution” Planned Parenthood — “holding up the humanity of all people”? To anyone who knows anything about what Planned Parenthood really does, this facade is almost laughable. However, as if these abortion elites weren’t disingenuous enough already, it gets worse.  

“As hundreds upon hundreds of innocent human beings perished at the hands of the terrorist group Hamas, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has responded by advocating for the execution of more innocent children. It’s not enough that babies were found beheaded — the abortion giant wants to increase dismemberment and death by targeting children in the womb.”   

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  1. The Faces of Exceptions: 7 Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were Conceived in Rape 

Sadly, rape and incest exceptions continue to be brought up as “reasonable” arguments for abortion, but much of the problem is that there is a lack of familiarity with people who were conceived in such situations. This SFLA blog cites seven such people, from Jesse Jackson to the daughter of Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt, reporting:  

If you’ve had a discussion with abortion supporters on life-affirming policy before, you’ve heard this at least once: “But what about rape and incest exceptions?” This is a common retort to the pro-life position that abortion should be made unavailable and unthinkable, and it is usually framed in a way so as to make pro-lifers seem uncaring. In reality, however, this argument is turned on its head because abortion does not remove the pain of sexual assault — and the question to ask in response would be but aren’t the people conceived through rape/incest still valuable? Maybe the problem is a lack of visibility.”  

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