While the Ink is Still Wet on the EMTALA Decision, Biden’s Weaponized Agencies Threaten Idaho Hospitals 

Jordan Estabrook - 09 Jul 2024

The ink is hardly dry on the temporary EMTALA SCOTUS decision when the Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary and “Evil Mastermind for Abortion in Chief” Xavier Becerra along with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sent a reminder letter to Idaho to perform “emergency” abortions or else they’ll take their money.  

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Though President Joe Biden is falling in the polls and quite literally in a physical and mental capacity, that hasn’t stopped his administration and the rest of the Democratic party from pushing back on the third branch of the government, the U.S. Supreme Court. Even though SCOTUS kicked the case back to the states, which means Idaho can come back and re-present, they’re still doubling down on abortion and sent a threatening letter to Idaho: Perform abortions, or we’ll defund you.   

The letter, available for public viewing, was also obtained by the Associated Press, reporting:   

“…Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Director Chiquita Brooks-LaSure reminded hospitals of their legal duty to offer stabilizing treatment, which could include abortions…” AP also stated that “CMS will also resume investigations into complaints against emergency rooms in Idaho, after the Supreme Court ruled last week that hospitals there must be allowed to perform emergency abortions for now…”  

The letter sent by Becerra and Brooke-LaSure states:  

 “No pregnant woman or her family should have to even begin to worry that she could be denied the treatment she needs to stabilize her emergency medical condition in the emergency room.”  

If the results of a complaint investigation indicate that a hospital violated one or more of the provisions of EMTALA, CMS will issue a notice of deficiency and provide the hospital with an opportunity to come into compliance. A hospital that fails to do so may be subject to termination of its Medicare provider agreement or the imposition of civil monetary penalties by the HHS Office of the Inspector General.” (emphasis added)  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) gives Becerra and Brooks-LaSure props for acknowledging only women can get pregnant, seemingly only once in the letter, but that’s where any “kudos” end. It’s overshadowed by Becerra’s trigger-happy response to the SCOTUS decision by threatening Idaho healthcare workers who are morally opposed to abortions in the Emergency Room (ER).   

The abortion extreme Democratic Party is well known for weaponizing agencies to punish pro-lifers or manipulating and changing governmental systems to get their way. Their reactions are intense. To name a few, they want to “pack the court” by adding additional leftists to sway the vote their way, impeach Justices to hand-pick partisans, or offer term limits. Abortion-loving Democrats aren’t accustomed to judges who read the law.   

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These examples, along with Biden’s seizing on the EMTALA decision, make one thing crystal clear: Abortion is federal, and Biden and his cohort agencies will gladly and brazenly use federal force. They’re doing it not just with EMTALA, but also with the Clinton-era Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) Act. Not only was Becerra’s letter sent on July 2, but also the unjust sentencing of Paul Vaughn, father of 11, for “violating” the FACE Act. Thankfully, he received no time and three years of supervised release, but the Biden Administration wanted him in prison much more time for singing and praying in front of an abortion vendor. And sadly, one of the pro-lifers with him was sentenced to six months in prison.   

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The federal government is the hammer they continually try to wield, and with some success. It would be a mistake to think they threw in the towel after the federal ruling of Roe v. Wade was reversed. Pro-lifers in society and government can’t lull themselves into a lukewarm sleep with Roe gone. The states matter, but that doesn’t mean abortion has no federal impact, as made clear by the EMTALA decision, the weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FACE Act.   

So, here’s our reminder “letter” to everyone, including to Former President Donald Trump: Abortion IS federal. There are consequences for pretending otherwise.  

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