Abortion Advocates Did WHAT? Crazy Highlights from FDA SCOTUS Hearing Regarding Deadly Chemical Abortion Pills

Jordan Estabrook - 27 Mar 2024

This Easter week, often referred to as Holy Week, a pivotal Chemical Abortion Pill case brought Students for Life of America (SFLA) to the doorstep of SCOTUS, along with other pro-life organizations, and to Walgreens Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.  

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While some students were in Chicago demanded that Walgreens not dispense this dangerous pill, the SCOTUS Squad went with a banner, signs, and chants in hand to support Alliance Defending Freedom’s case against the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) approval of mifepristone, one of a two-part abortion pill regimen.  

While the hearing in U.S. Food & Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine case took place, SFLA were met by abortion zealots eager to keep this deadly pill on the market. Look at some of the most shocking moments and important conversations in front of SCOTUS.  

Abortion Advocates Trade Meaningful Conversations for Hostile Actions 

Many abortion advocates in the sea of people were shouting, rallying, or making uncomfortable gestures – far too busy to engage in meaningful conversations.  

Lydia Taylor, SFLA spokesperson, went out to engage abortion advocates regarding their position. One protestor she questioned repeatedly shoved her middle finger into her face, as accurately depicted by The Guardian in a recent article entitled “Clashing convictions mark protests as US supreme court weighs abortion pill.”  

The clash continued throughout the entire hearing, which is ironic because while the U.S. Supreme Court heard actual arguments, there seemed to be a lack of logical arguments on the ground. Taylor was shooed, harassed and otherwise ignored, even having an incident of a protestor hitting a SFLA staff member’s phone and running off.  

The SCOTUS Squad remained a pillar of the pro-life movement at the hearing, despite the protestors yelling racial slurs and insults, as well as covering SFLA signs and banners with abortion propaganda. 

There was no rest for abortion advocates as they blocked SFLA from taking a group picture. With help from Alliance Defending Freedom security and other pro-lifers creating a barrier, the SCOTUS squad was able to get a photo in front of the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of the day.

Chemical Abortion Pills Robots – Also Called “Roe Bots”  

In a sick attempt to make their point regarding easy access to Chemical Abortion Pills, abortion advocates, who proudly declare their care for women’s health, deployed a mifepristone robot to dispense pills to the crowd – a crowd which included minors and children. Sounds more like a killer robot, given the 30 confirmed deaths that we know of from the Chemical Abortion Pill.  

The media dubbed them “Roe bots,” named after the infamous Roe v. Wade case, which was reversed in 2022 and left abortion in the hands of state governments.

Of course, this is on message for them, as they clearly opposed FDA regulation of this drug and would rather roll the dice with women’s lives. After all:  

Each of those points shows a reckless disregard for everyone, not just women.  

Handing Out Plan B

Abortion zealots took a page out of Olivia Rodrigo’s book and handed out Plan B to rally goers.


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Again, more reckless disregard that undermines their outdated “Abortion is Healthcare” slogan.

Spreading the Word: Talking to the Media and the Public  

As SFLA waded through vile protestors, they stood their ground and became a strong pro-life center piece and presence at the U.S. Supreme Court. They extended that presence to the American public. Students and staff spoke to multiple media outlets regarding the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills and why it’s important to protect women, not the abortion industry.

SFLA Fellow GraceAnn Trevillian speaking with media.

Executive Vice President Tina Whittington spoke to NOTUS about the political implications and the importance of politicians appealing to pro-life voters.  

“If you want to get pro-lifers to come out and door-knock for you and be excited to go to the ballot and vote for you, then yes, you have got to have a clear policy,” said Tina. “We’re an important voting bloc, and I tell you, there’s a lot of people who vote pro-life first and vote pro-life only.” 

Executive Vice President Tine Whittington speaking to NOTUS reporter Oriana Gonzalez.

Savanna Deretich, SFLA government affairs coordinator, spoke to AP about what Chemical Abortion Pills do to women.  

Savanna Deretich speaking to the media.

Our message spread loud and clear through multiple media outlets as our students stood for life. They boldly proclaimed women have been lied to by the abortion industry and how Chemical Abortion Pills pollute our environment.

It’s never a dull day at SCOTUS, and this one was no different. SFLA left their mark, as we always do.

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