Scientists Muse on Simple Bacteria as Proof of Life on Other Planet, Ignore Complex Organism in Womb as Proof of Life on Earth

Mattison Brooks - 18 Sep 2023

The UFO and “alien life is out there” crowd had a red-letter week last week. First, there was the massive alien reveal in Mexico, which are rumored to be merely mummified children’s corpses (and looked like little more than paper mâché’ copies of the beloved movie character ET).  

Then there was NASA announcing a new effort to find life in the galaxy, launching a tax-payer funded panel to explore “unidentified anomalous phenomena.”  

However, perhaps the most interesting story of the week came from the James Webb Telescope, which identified a planet with oceans and possible signs of life. According to CNN

“Waters may be flowing on the surface of a colossal planet that lies about 120 light-years from Earth, according to new evidence uncovered by the James Webb Space Telescope.  

“The investigation with the space-based observatory, one of the most advanced astronomy instruments in operation, revealed that the exoplanet K2-18b may have some key features of a planet that could support bodies of water — and life.  

“And the latest observations of the planet also hint that a very special molecule, called dimethyl sulfide, could be present on K2-18b.  

On Earth, dimethyl sulfide “is only produced by life,” according to NASA. “The bulk of the DMS in Earth’s atmosphere is emitted from phytoplankton in marine environments.””  

Let’s recap: 120 light years away from Earth (more than 705 trillion miles away), scientists have hypothesized that life could be on a planet because plankton emissions were possibly detected in the upper atmosphere. Previously, the scientific community was overwhelmed with excitement at finding bacteria on Mars. And they likewise mourned the potential loss of life on Mars.  

This would all be fine and well if the incoherence of their views on life here on Earth wasn’t well documented. For example: is a complex, multi-cell organism inside of an adult human female’s womb which will be born in nine months of gestation proof of life? No, at least not according to the social consensus we have.  

That’s ludicrous, isn’t it?  

Apparently, the issue of life on Earth is so contentious, that the United States Government used the United States Space Command relocation as a cudgel against Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama for daring to take a pro-life stand – a stand that Students for Life Action was honored to was honored to recognize.  

As mankind explores the furthest stars to find life, we hope that it won’t forget the lives closest to home that are often too at risk.  

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