Following a Shocking Report in The Federalist on Deaths & Potential Legal Violations of Indiana Abortion Vendors, Students for Life & Allies Call for Indianapolis Facility to Shut Down for Good 

Caroline Wharton - 28 Apr 2023

“This is shocking information that proves what we knew all along: we need a National Abortion Reporting Law because things are so much worse than we think,” said Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “I so am grateful for our SFLA alumni continuing their pro-life activism through the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities and working with Voices for Life to gather this information to report to the proper authorities. The abortion industry loves to hide in the dark, but we are bringing this into the light.” 

“Hoosiers have been harmed by the violence of abortion, and we’re gathering in Indianapolis because we don’t want this trauma inflicted on other communities,” said Students for Life of America’s Great Lakes Regional Coordinator Mary Carmen Zakrajsek. “It’s not enough that they’re potentially closing their doors here — we don’t want them to hurt anyone anywhere.” 

INDIANAPOLIS, I.N. (04-28-2023) – A shocking report from The Federalist, released with the help of Students for Life of America (SFLA) and Hoosier pro-life organization Voices for Life, recently documented many 2022 reports of “potential medical malfeasance” by Indiana’s Planned Parenthood facilities and other abortion vendors. These horrifying, closed-door details have allegedly gone unrecognized by the Indiana Department of Health, including reports of three women dying after abortion procedures, and two babies born alive after Chemical Abortions.  

To read this investigative report from The Federalist in full, click HERE.  

In response to some these documented instances of malpractice, SFLA’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is hosting a rally at the abortion facility Clinic for Women to inform the community of their “potential medical malfeasance” as this vendor considers expansion into Illinois. The rally will take place at Clinic for Women at 3607 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222 from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. local time.    

Speakers for this rally will include Indianapolis Community Organizer Ben Ice, SFLA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator Mary Carmen Zakrajsek, and Voices for Life Executive Director Melanie Garcia Lyon. Rally attendees will hold signs which warn community members of this facility’s violations, including: “This Clinic Failed to Sanitize Vaginal Probes,” “This Clinic Failed to Minimize Infection Risk,” “This Clinic Had Expired Medications for Patient Use,” and “This Clinic Performed an Illegal Abortion.”  

The event was featured in The Federalist’s expose entitled “Indiana Health Dept. Sits On Records Showing Two Babies Born Alive After Abortions, Three Women Dead” as the executive editor wrote: 

“Voices for Life and their national partner Students for Life collect these records and file complaints about apparent violations with IDH and the state attorney general’s office, Garcia Lyon told The Federalist…After receiving such complaints, the office of Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita investigates, then submits a summary or a complaint to Indiana’s medical licensing board, said Rokita Press Secretary Kelly Stevenson. The board hears complaints and decides whether to sanction the investigated abortionist or facility. Indiana’s governor oversees that board and appoints its seven members. 

“On Saturday in Indianapolis, Students for Life and Voices for Life will highlight the state-reported health and safety violations related to an abortion facility that may move across the border to Illinois. That’s the Clinic for Women, currently in Indianapolis.”  

The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities exists to directly reduce abortions in communities by serving women, promoting non-violent resources, reaching out to neighbors, and changing hearts and minds. Since its beginning in March 2021, the campaign has knocked on nearly 180,000 doors, had more than 690,000 conversations about abortion and alternatives, and changed nearly 110,000 minds while directly serving several thousand women.  

To read stories of mothers who have been helped by this initiative, click HERE and HERE.  

Indianapolis, IN

SFLA and Students for Life Action (SFLAction) have been active in Indiana, urging legislators to stand strong for life, testifying against weak legislation, pushing to defund the Kinsey Institute, and celebrating pro-life victories, despite backlash from the abortion lobby. Click HERE to watch the assault of one of our activists in Indianapolis who was peacefully protesting.

The Federalist article reads, “[D]espite multiple postabortion deaths of women and abortions performed at unlicensed facilities, Indiana abortionists have failed to lose their medical licenses and IDOH [Indiana Department of Health] has failed to resolve investigations into such cases… Instead of demanding that IDH prove competence at stopping criminal and human rights violations under its purview before any expansion of its duties, the Indiana legislature is cooperating with Holcomb in rewarding IDH with a 2,000 percent increase in taxpayer funding.” 

SFLAction is currently calling on Attorney General Rokita to investigate the Indiana Department of Health over the reported violations as published in The Federalist article. 

To read this investigative report from The Federalist in full, click HERE.  
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