Don’t Trick-or-Treat Here: Planned Parenthood Pushes Puberty Blockers & Chemical Abortion Pills for Children  

Caroline Wharton - 13 Oct 2022

Planned Parenthood’s business is in literally ruining parenthood as they make sure that having a family is always off the table — whether that happens through life-ending abortions or through hormone blockers that ruin fertility. As if that wasn’t bad enough, while this abortion giant typically preys on young women, Planned Parenthood is apparently looking for a younger model as they have begun to groom young children towards both Chemical Abortion pills and hormone blockers in creepy ways. Here’s what you need to know about these new efforts of Planned Perversion — that is, Planned Parenthood:  

The Puberty-Blocking Cartoon   

That’s right — even the medium of children’s television isn’t safe from the abortion lobby’s manipulative message as Planned Parenthood has recently come under fire for a disturbing animated video which encourages children to take hormone blockers. The alarming video is full of content that should concern parents, but the most poignant is when the video narrator says: 

Screenshot from the puberty-blockers cartoon

“There are medicines you can take to delay puberty for a while. They’re called puberty blockers, and they work like a stop sign, by holding the hormones testosterone and estrogen that cause puberty changes…Puberty blockers are safe and can give you more time to figure out what feels right for you.”  

Except that that’s not how puberty blockers work — and far from being “safe,” puberty blockers or “Hormone Replacement Therapy” can actually sterilize individuals. It’s so unsafe for individual fertility that researchers actually recommend people to harvest eggs and sperm prior to undergoing these procedures/drugs and even consider just how expansive future fertility costs might be. 

According to a 2019 National Library of Medicine article entitled “Fertility Concerns of the Transgender Patient:” 

“Transgender individuals who undergo gender-affirming medical or surgical therapies are at risk for infertility. Suppression of puberty with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist analogs (GnRHa) in the pediatric transgender patient can pause the maturation of germ cells, and thus, affect fertility potential. Testosterone therapy in transgender men can suppress ovulation and alter ovarian histology, while estrogen therapy in transgender women can lead to impaired spermatogenesis and testicular atrophy.

“The effect of hormone therapy on fertility is potentially reversible, but the extent is unclear. Gender-affirming surgery (GAS) that includes hysterectomy and oophorectomy in transmen or orchiectomy in transwomen results in permanent sterility. It is recommended that clinicians counsel transgender patients on fertility preservation (FP) options prior to initiation of gender-affirming therapy.”  

The University of Utah further notes the danger to fertility, writing:  

“For some transfeminine individuals who are transitioning, the hormones you take during your transition may make it impossible for you to have biological children. Procedures like orchiectomies (removing your testicles) can also cause fertility problems. Researchers don’t know exactly how these hormones can affect sperm in transfeminine people: estrogen, progesterone, spironolactone, flutamide, finasteride, and other anti-androgens.”  

And yet, Planned Parenthood is selling the idea of these drugs/surgeries to our children as “safe?”  

Telling 10-Year-Olds Chemical Abortion is A-Okay  

A Planned Parenthood-backed website called “AMAZE” which creates videos for young children on a wide range of age-inappropriate topics (including semi-pornographic content) has created a new video for the express purpose of selling young children on Chemical Abortion pills. The video is called “Abortion With Pills: What Is It,” and it is nothing short of pro-abortion propaganda.  

Screenshot from the Chemical Abortion video

A purple character called “Sam” narrates the video, acting as the master of misinformation for the 4:25 long video. Multiple pro-abortion myths and lies are perpetuated; here’s a small list:  

  • Some doctors might just prescribe misoprostol…which can be just as effective…and yet the video makes no mention that this method of Chemical Abortion is much deadlier for women and actually fails almost 25% of the time while taking both pills has a failure rate of 3.5%.  

  • Emptying the contents of the uterus… sorry, did you mean the baby?  

Shutting Up Anyone Who Disagrees  

After the pro-abortion American Medical Association, in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association, recently delivered a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland “calling for him to unleash the Justice Department on foes of efforts to transition children,” Ben Weingarten of the Claremont Institute wrote an excellent op-ed at Newsweek entitled, “Medical Establishment Wants Less Free Speech, More Mutilated Children.”  

While making several good points, Weingarten wrote:  

“This episode reveals that no matter how contentious the issue and sacrosanct the matter—all the way down to altering the bodies of children—progressively inclined organizations will seek to collude with the government and “private”-sector auxiliaries to punish dissenters, free speech be damned, in pursuit of their radical agenda.”  

His op-ed effectively shows that not only do pro-abortion giants like Planned Parenthood want to cram puberty-blockers down our children’s throats, they also don’t want us to be able to say anything about it.  

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