How Netflix’s New Movie “Blonde” Ruins Planned Parenthood’s Narrative  

Caroline Wharton - 11 Oct 2022

The abortion lobby loves to normalize abortion (as though there is anything normal about legally killing preborn babies), but there is one aspect of abortion that its supporters stray away from and frequently deny — and that is abortion regret. However, a new Netflix movie entitled “Blonde” is touching on this most sensitive area for the abortion lobby as they examine the life of Marilyn Monroe, and it’s difficult to know which is harder to take in: the brutal scenes of this movie or the abortion lobby directly denying that women experience this post-abortive emotional pain.   

An op-ed by Students for Life of America (SFLA) Chief Media and Policy Strategist Kristi Hamrick at Townhall recently discussed this topic, entitled “Blonde: The Pro-Life Movie Planned Parenthood HATES on Netflix.” Hamrick wrote,  

“The life of Marilyn Monroe would make an excellent Greek Tragedy, as can be seen in Netflix “Blonde,” an often ugly and always powerful story with a level of nudity that makes HBO’s Game of Thrones seem modest. This isn’t a recommendation to watch it as the story of Monroe’s exploitation is depicted in such graphic detail that it sometimes feels like real-time virtual abuse of actress Ana de Armas by director Andrew Dominik who was joined by producer Brad Pitt and others in creating a story of tension and destruction.”  

She continued:  

“It’s hard to watch as Monroe’s struggle with what feels like an homage to Edger Allen Poe’s the Tell-Tale Heart, as the sound of a baby’s heartbeat sometimes drives her almost mad. That’s probably because of the innate understanding of most human beings that on a battlefield or in an emergency room, people rush to save those with a heartbeat rather than ending their existence. And for Monroe, that sound of life causes great grief. 

“Research indicates that the movie is on to something as “fantasies about the aborted fetus was the next most frequently mentioned experience” after feelings of guilt by women who have had abortions. Blonde is a technicolor word picture illustrating that the absence of a baby didn’t result in the absence of pain or problems.”  

Hamrick goes on to cite a representative of Planned Parenthood Federation of America actually griping against the movie’s contents for being “medically inaccurate,” but as Hamrick points out in her article, the abortion lobby is only embarrassed by the very real and sad truths exposed in “Blonde.”  

To read the rest of this article at Townhall, click HERE.  

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