A Tragic Story Makes Headlines: A ten-year-old Ohio Girl is Raped and Becomes Pregnant.  How Do Pro-Lifers Respond? 

Kristi Hamrick - 13 Jul 2022

Indiana abortionist and Ob/GYN Dr. Caitlin Bernard told media that “a child abuse doctor in Ohio” wanted to set up an abortion for a rape victim who was past Ohio’s law banning abortion once a heartbeat can be detected.

The girl was allegedly 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

While the story has grabbed national attention there are more unanswered questions than answers. Let’s list them: 

  1. The first thing that should be done when anyone is raped is a police report and a rape kit. There is no police report available at the time of this filming that matches this case. 
  2. Has this child been removed from danger? Are the authorities involved to prosecute the offender and protect the child? Where is this 10-year-old now? 
  3. How did the very specific timeframe of 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant get determined? The media likes to report that the Ohio law bans abortion at 6 weeks. It doesn’t. It limits abortion after a heartbeat is detected. But it conveniently makes a better headline if it sounds like this is about an arbitrary deadline this pregnant victim just barely missed, instead of a medical finding of a thriving baby in the womb.  
  4. Was this case taken to an Ohio Hospital Ethics Committee for review? Because there are often complicated and rare incidences that arise, a framework is in place to review tough cases. Did the Ohio “child abuse doctor” go to the hospital ethics committee as well as the legal authorities? Or did that person go straight to an out-of-state abortionist?  
  5. The “doctor,” Dr. Caitlin Bernard, reporting on this case is a notorious pro-abortion spokesperson who speaks to the media frequently. Where are the corroborators of this story? 

All of the questions above need to be addressed by authorities for the good of the 10-year-old allegedly at the heart of this story. 

What remains true, regardless of whether this story is being told truthfully or not, is that abortion is not a solution to rape.

What does a ten-year-old rape victim actually NEED? 

She needs care and counseling, and she needs expert high risk OB care. 

She needs close monitoring for high blood pressure and other medical issues.

She may need a c-section delivery.

And let’s be clear EXTENSIVE DATA shows that committing an abortion on her can compound the trauma from the rape

It would be a lot easier to take the abortion activists who are standing on the back of this little girl seriously if they weren’t more concerned with abortion access than they appear to be for getting this girl the HELP she needs, and bringing her attacker to JUSTICE. It’s also notable that these are the same people who want to DEFUND the police who are needed to investigate this rape and make an arrest. 

(CLICK HERE to see what resources the pro-life movement offers in unplanned pregnancies!)

If this little girl was tragically handed over to the abortion industry, was tissue preserved to have DNA to help convict the rapist? 

We know that the abortion industry is KNOWN for aiding abusers, NOT victims. Countless legal cases have been brought against Planned Parenthood by victims and their families after the abortion giant aided the rapist in destroying the evidence of his crimes through abortion and NOT reporting the abuse to authorities or making any effort to assist the victim heal from her trauma. Because the abortion industry doesn’t do that.

This story might be questionable, but what’s absolutely certain is there are countless rape victims who are NOT getting the support they need because of abortion industry interference.

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