159 Members Of Congress Tell The FDA To Protect Women From Dangerous RU-486 Abortion Drugs

Brenna Lewis - 16 Apr 2020

A bi-cameral coalition of pro-life Senators and Representatives sent a letter to the FDA commissioner, urging that common-sense regulations against RU-486 chemical abortion drugs, the drugs that cause toilet-bowl abortions, be kept in place. The abortion industry and 21 Attorneys General want to flood states with mail-order RU-486 abortion drugs and remove common-sense oversight.

The letter states, “We write to urge you to continue to robustly enforce the REMS for medication abortion and end dangerous runarounds of these protections under the guise of medical research” and urges the FDA to “act promptly to stop illegitimate and dangerous experiments with women’s health.”

You can read the full letter here.

While abortion activists and the abortion industry try to make abortion more widely available during the coronavirus crisis, many medical professionals are pushing back, pointing out that abortion is not essential.

For example, 30,000 health care professionals have stated that abortion is non-essential.

We previously wrote, “Pro-life doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are calling on the government to halt abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. They are fighting back against the spin of the abortion industry that apparently, the answer to the COVID-19 crisis is more abortion….Abortion is not essential healthcare. It’s an unnatural, violent termination of preborn children. The groups that represent over 30,000 physicians signed the letter calling for the suspension of abortion in order to save the resources for essential, life-saving healthcare. Rather than trying to save lives, abortion facilities are using this time of crisis to push their agenda. Some abortion proponents are even going so far as to suggest that the FDA lift restrictions placed on the abortion pill, RU-486.” 

Fresno Pro-Life Future leader and California SFL Action Captain Bernadette Tasy breaks down the problems with RU-486 below.

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