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11 years ago, there was a problem in the pro-life movement. Young people were polling pro-choice, Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry was running unopposed on our nation’s high school and college campuses trapping young people into their predatory business cycle, and the pro-life brand was turning people away from joining the greatest human rights movement in the world.

So Students for Life decided to shape our culture by going right where it’s formed…on our nation’s campuses. Because let’s face it, we can pass all the laws we want, but, if we don’t win this generation, it will all be erased in 20 years.

And the good news is it’s working. Today, Students for Life serves more than 1,100 groups in all 50 states. We’ve trained more than 55,000 young people including many who are now rising up as national leaders. Annually, we host the nation’s largest pro-life conference with more than 2,800 students and have more than 11,000 actively involved as officers in our clubs who contribute more than $14 million in in-kind volunteer service. And now, the polls are in our favor with the majority of young people now polling pro-life, and the narrative of our movement, our brand, has changed to be young, hip, joy-filled.

And how we did this was through the simple, evangelism model of Belong, Believe, Behave. Because we first know that we have to make young people belong and help them the build personal relationships that this generation craves. After they join a Students for Life group and find community there, their pro-life beliefs are fortified at every meeting, with every training, and every engagement opportunity. Once they feel that they can defend their anti-abortion beliefs, young people will take their passion for ending abortion and put it into action, sacrificing everything they can to save lives, change hearts, and transform our nation.

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