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24 Feb 2020

“Make Abortion Illegal Again,” Kristan Hawkins’ 2020 College Speaking Tour, Launches This Week at Notre Dame

Kristi Hamrick | February 24, 2020
  “The myth that women ‘need’ abortion to succeed is insulting and harmful to efforts to achieve female empowerment,” said Hawkins. “This tour we explore the facts about abortion, the myths of Roe, and how much better off women will be without both.”   WASHINGTON D.C. (02-24-2020) – Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins returns to college and university
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21 Feb 2020

Join Us March 4th at the Protect Women, Protect Life Rally

Brenna Lewis | February 21, 2020
Every American, regardless of their stance on abortion, should have an interest in protecting the health and safety of women at abortion facilities. Act 620, a 2014 law passed in Louisiana that is now being reviewed by the Supreme Court in the June Medical case, does exactly that. It’s about safety for women. And the abortion industry is fighting it hard. 
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13 Feb 2020

Virginia Legislator Completely IGNORES Constituent Who Opposes the ERA

Stephanie Stone | February 13, 2020
Students for Life Action has been hosting a calling/emailing campaign to stand against the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” (ERA) in Congress this year. In reality, we know that this bill should actually be called the “Everything Related to Abortion Amendment”, as it would enshrine tax-payer funded abortion in the U.S. Constitution.  Democratic legislators in the House have introduced a resolution, titled House Resolution 79 (H.J. Res. 79),
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06 Feb 2020

Kansas Medical Student Testifies in Favor of Pro-Life Amendment

Brenna Lewis | February 6, 2020
Things are heating up in Kansas as citizens and legislators battle over whether or not to value preborn Kansans as people. Last year, a Kansas Supreme Court made the egregious ruling that abortion was a “constitutional right” in the state. Since then, pro-life advocates have fired back with the proposal of a “Value Them Both” amendment – a plea to
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22 Jan 2020

Students for Life Implores Nancy Pelosi Today to Protect Abortion Survivors

Brenna Lewis | January 22, 2020
RIGHT NOW, Students for Life of America is outside the office of Nancy Pelosi to urge her to treat abortion survivors like human beings. SFLA Supportive Services Coordinator Camille Cisneros will be speaking alongside the Staunton Public Policy Center and various other pro-life organizations today to call on Speaker Pelosi to allow a vote on a bill seeking to ban
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16 Jan 2020

Students for Life Action Supports Foster Care and Adoption Reform Legislation In Virginia

Brenna Lewis | January 16, 2020
Students for Life Action has helped introduce legislation in Virginia to improve the home study process, the background checks required to be a foster or adoptive parents, with state senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania). The legislation is Senate Bill 501. It amends Virginia state code to provide more flexibility in approving foster care parents and adoptive parents. Kristan Hawkins, president of
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07 Jan 2020

New Jersey Democrat Switches Parties Then Votes Pro-Life

Brenna Lewis | January 7, 2020
Jeff Van Drew has served as a Democratic legislator in New Jersey since 2008. But when he made the switch from the Senate to the House in 2018, that apparently wasn’t  his only change of heart. After over 10 years in New Jersey politics as a Democrat, Van Drew formally switched parties. And it came at a very good time
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Should abortion be legal
23 May 2019

Diverse Pro-Life Crowd Rallies In Alabama In Support Of Pro-Life Law! 

Brenna Lewis | May 23, 2019
Students for Life of America, CEC for Life, Radiance Foundation, 40 Days for Life, and other national and local pro-life groups rallied today on the front steps of the Capitol Building in Montgomery, Alabama to show their support for the Human Life Protection Act. The Pro-Life, Pro-Woman rally featured members of the Pro-Life Generation, local pro-life activists, and people who
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