Almost Aborted: Angela Harders 

Jordan Estabrook - 21 Jun 2024

Angela Harders was told that her child conceived in rape was a “problem” to be fixed.  

Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, gave Harders the platform to proclaim the exact opposite: Harders is one of five who’s stories are on billboards in Times Square. She’s also shared her almost aborted story alongside other courageous individuals, including Faith, Rebecca, and Josiah. Harders’ story is one of heartbreaking rape, and the type of story the abortion advocates point at to prove the perceived need for abortion.  


Harders was raped by a friend’s relative and became pregnant. As a Christian and daughter of a father who worked at a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), she knew abortion was wrong, but was scared. In a moment of panic, she made an appointment at Planned Parenthood, and the worker on the phone convinced her abortion would “get rid of her problems.”  

Thankfully, one other phone call to a pregnancy resource center before her abortion appointment changed her mind and saved her child’s life.  


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“The woman from Planned Parenthood spoke to my fear,” said Harders in the video. “But the woman from the pregnancy center spoke to my faith.” 


The PRC gave her hope and empowerment, while Planned Parenthood made her feel like abortion was her only option if she wanted to travel and be happy in life. Harders and her daughter proved Planned Parenthood wrong: Personal aspirations don’t go by the wayside with children – they can go together.  

Though some would think rape should still be the “exception” to pro-life laws, people conceived in rape have the same inherent value as anyone else and have the same opportunity for impact.  

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