Almost Aborted: Rebecca’s Story 

Jordan Estabrook - 14 Jun 2024

As a crucial part of Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) six-figure national messaging campaign, ALMOST ABORTED, brave individuals stepped out to tell their stories. Rebecca Kiessling’s story is one that Democrats call the “exception:” Abortion due to rape. If Kiessling’s mother wasn’t restricted by pro-life laws, she could’ve been one of those children aborted.  

Yet, abortion-hungry Democrats not only don’t want the public to hear stories like Kiessling’s, but instead they’d rather distract the public about the perceived need for abortion by using their platforms, money, and power.  


Rebecca Kiessling is against “exception” laws, as strong pro-life protection in her mother’s state is the reason she’s here today to impact others for life.  

“She backed out (of abortion) because the law protected me,” Kiessling said during the ALMOST ABORTED press event. “To be clear, I wasn’t lucky – I was protected. Legality matters. I owe my birth to legislators that mine was a life worth saving.” 


When Kiessling’s birth mother was raped at knifepoint, she wanted to get an abortion. However, she ended up not pursuing it because it was illegal in Michigan at the time. She was placed into a loving adoptive family, and later met her birthmother after seeking her out at age 18, when she found out she was conceived in rape. 


Though a difficult realization for Kiessling, she’s made it her life’s mission to help women like her birthmother. She’s a lawyer, adoptive mother, and advocate.  

“Despite initially choosing abortion, my mother went on to carry me to term and placed with an adoptive family,” Kiessling says in the video. “But the law, which made abortion illegal at the time, protected me.”  

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