BABY SAVED: How Thaddeus Stevens Fellow Bridget O’Sullivan’s Compassion and Quick Thinking Gave a Mother the Courage to Choose Life    

Bridget O’Sullivan - 13 Jun 2024

Early in 2024, I organized a pro-life chalk day in front of an abortion facility in Arizona. During that time, there had been a rush to put abortion back on the ballot. Pro-lifers were running “Decline the Sign” movements to make sure people did not sign these petitions that pro-abortion lobbyists were pushing.  


While this was all happening, I decided to engage in one of the Five Pillars that Students for Life of America (SFLA) introduced me to and complete a “rapid response” project. Many people from school and church showed up to this “Decline the Sign” chalk day to draw beautiful images and sayings to remind everyone of the sanctity of life from conception until natural death.  

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During this chalking event, one thing was more beautiful than every drawing. 

Midway through chalking, a car pulled into the facility, something not atypical in my experience. This car, in particular, had a woman and a man in the front seat and a couple of kids in the back seat, including a newborn. The woman exited the car and looked at her phone, seemingly confused. Soon after this, she approached me and pointed to her phone, which had the website of the abortion facility on it. She did not speak English, but I knew she was looking for the facility and needed help finding it. Quickly, I reached out to one of my teachers who was there and was luckily able to speak Spanish with her.  

The mother explained her story, including that she had just gotten to America three weeks ago. The man with her stayed in the car with the newborn baby and watched this conversation unfold. My teacher asked her if she knew what she was doing and explained that abortion takes the life of an innocent baby, like the one only steps away in her car. The woman suddenly became emotional, and my teacher told her about the resources we could connect her with if she chose life. She agreed to get an ultrasound at a nearby facility that we knew would help her.  

We knew we didn’t have much time because the abortion facility workers usually come out to get the women. We put the other facility into her navigation on her phone, and one of us drove in front of her to ensure she arrived for the ultrasound.  

We were told that this beautiful mother could see her baby and stayed in contact with the Pregnancy Care Center (PRC) as they helped her throughout her pregnancy, eventually giving birth to her child.  

The biggest lesson this taught me was that something substantial can happen from small works, like pictures and sayings on a sidewalk. I never thought going out with a couple of sticks of chalk and a group of people would save a mother’s heart and a baby’s life.  

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God has a plan for everyone and everything. Not everyone will get to see or participate in saving the life of an unborn child in such a direct way, but every ounce of support and every day you spread the pro-life message, you are directly leading to lives being saved.  

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