National Pro-Life Chalk Day’s Biggest Losers: Abortion-Supporting Vandals

Lucy Gonzalez - 02 Apr 2024

Students for Life of America (SFLA) groups nationwide recently joined this spring’s National Pro-Life Chalk Day by creating gorgeous artwork promoting the dignity of the preborn and real support for women. However, numerous abortion advocates seemed to take issue with several groups’ chalk art—yet again. Unfortunately, vandalism remains a distressingly common experience for the Pro-Life Generation. Check out the six groups below who experienced vandalism: 

Students for Life of Fort Hays State University (FHSU) 

This group received rude comments about their chalk display for the second semester in a row on the popular social media app YikYak. Vandals used water to smear their gorgeous chalk rainbow display, a top 10 finalist submission. 

Lumberjacks for Life of Stephen F. Austin State University 

The life-affirming art created by Lumberjacks for Life was splashed with water, and the depiction of the preborn baby within the heart was particularly defaced.

Chalk art before it was vandalized.

The vandal(s) made their disregard for the preborn obvious!  

Butler Bulldogs for Life of Butler University   

This group noticed their gorgeous chalk art vandalized with scuff marks, indicating intentional damage by someone running their shoes along it. This vandalism blurred the image and pro-life messages. They couldn’t catch the perpetrators in the act, but they are confident it was deliberate as rainy weather conditions were not a factor the previous evening. Their art was also featured among the top 10 finalist submissions. 

Students for Life of New Mexico State University (NMSU) 

Once again, this group’s beautiful chalk mural for Chalk Day was deliberately erased. Some group members observed three students erasing the mural with water and sponges the night after its creation. When confronted by the members, the vandals persisted in erasing the mural until it disappeared.

This group plans to chalk again soon and continue advocating for a Culture of Life on campus! Check out their unblemished artwork here. 

Students for Life of Florida State University (FSU) 

Unfortunately, this Students for Life group’s beautiful art was washed away. Despite the removal of their chalk, the group’s president continued to chalk! They could not get a picture after the vandalism, but you can check out their original artwork within the top 10 finalist submissions. 

Students for Life of Northern Colorado University 

Vandals at this school not only wiped out this group’s pro-life art but wrote pro-abortion messages alongside it, including “abortion is healthcare.” Other chalking erased or vandalized every instance of this group’s art. One of the group’s impressive artworks was also featured in the top 10 finalist submissions. 

It’s astonishing to witness how something as basic as chalk art can provoke pro-abortion vandals to these lengths. Despite attempts to quell the pro-life message, the Pro-Life Generation persists, affirming the dignity of the preborn and authentic support for families in communities across the nation! 

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