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Olivia Rodrigo Wants to Kill Her Future Fan Base, Passes Out Plan B and Donates to Abortion Fund 

Jordan Estabrook - 14 Mar 2024

Handing out Plan B tonight? It’s a bad idea, right? 

Apparently, Olivia Rodrigo doesn’t think so. The young, naive, and abortion-loving popstar announced her partnership with the Missouri Abortion Fund. They’ve been handing out free Plan B at her concerts that are mostly attended by women and young girls. The handouts also have stickers that say, “funding abortion, it’s a good idea, right? We can help you find abortion care.”  

She’s also donating a portion of her National Network of Abortion Funds, but it was wild that she would hand out and even be praised by the media for handing out an abortifacient and condoms to kids. Pretty sick, right? 

While it should be common sense not to encourage sex and abortion to an audience full of minors, Rodrigo too dedicated to abortion to notice that she’s killing off her future fan base and instead creating more customers for Planned Parenthood when Plan B fails them.  

Maybe it’s time to give her a lesson on what she’s promoting.  

Plan B is an abortifacient and comes with serious health risk  

SFLA reported on the dangers of Plan B and other “emergency contraception,” writing,  

“Emergency contraception is taken within three days of unprotected sex and its purpose is to either prevent pregnancy from occurring or end a brand-new pregnancy.  

These drugs are essentially a mega-dose of standard hormonal birth control which works by suppressing ovulation, slowing down the movement of cilia in the fallopian tubes, thickening cervical fluid, and thinning the uterine lining. Not only do these drugs increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy due to changing the behavior of cilia, but they are also capable of ending the youngest preborn life by preventing implantation. This means that an egg and sperm have met to create a zygote (a little human being), but emergency contraception make it difficult for a zygote to implant, thus potentially killing the zygote.” 

Lydia Taylor also explains how Plan B works to Olivia Rodrigo and her fans HERE

Handing out Plan B and condoms to MINORS is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA  

In a sane world, a prominent figure, or anyone else for that matter, would get in huge trouble for giving out sexed up items to minors. Instead, Olivia Rodrigo is praised for it. Just because the abortion zealots are cheering doesn’t make it any less disgusting. If a random stranger gave out condoms to a child, the parent would pull them away as fast as they can.  

Olivia Rodrigo is that random stranger going after kids, unfortunately.  

So yes, Olivia. Killing off your future fan base and raising money for Planned Parenthood is a bad idea. It doesn’t matter how many times you cry “F*** You” to the Supreme Court.  

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