STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: GraceAnn Trevillian in the National Leaders Collective Supports Women at Liberty University and Internationally

Jordan Estabrook - 16 Feb 2024

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is proud to accept amazing students like GraceAnn Trevillian, a senior at Liberty University, into SFLA’s leadership programs through the National Leaders Collective (NLC).  

For the 2023-2024 school year, Trevillian is a part of the Standing With You Fellowship program, learning to become an expert on changing campus policies to become more pregnant and parenting friendly. Get to know more about Trevillian below:  

READ: SFLA’s Standing With You initiative HERE. 

Why did you join the pro-life movement? 

As a Christian, I believe every person is made in the image of God and worthy of life starting at conception. The fire to spread the pro-life message was ignited in me in high school after watching a Students for Life of America video of a former abortionist describing surgical abortion. I wondered, “Why aren’t more people my age talking about this?” and the rest is history. 

How have you grown as a leader?  

I joined the Students for Life of America group at Liberty University my freshman year and have been actively involved ever since. I’ve attended multiple rallies at SCOTUS, countered the Women’s March, and attended the National Pro-Life March and Summit. I’ve grown tremendously as an individual activist.  

I have grown as a leader through my college years by educating friends and family on the abortion issue and have spent a lot of my spare time on webinars, listening to podcasts, reading books and blog posts to enhance my knowledge on apologetics and the myths vs. facts often spread through the media. 

My pro-life passion prompted me to pursue a pro-life career and I became actively involved in my local pregnancy center and spent a summer volunteering in their baby boutique and at the reception desk. I’ve also interned in their communications department in the summer of 2023. Currently, I’m on a health promotion internship with The Institute for Women’s Health. This organization works to spread the pro-life message to women in the United States and internationally. 

What are some of your favorite pro-life projects that you’ve accomplished? 

Some of my other accomplishments from just this past year include: 

1. Published a resource page for pregnant and parenting students on my university’s website as part of my Standing with You fellowship project. The website includes a link to the Standing With You website so local and online students from around the country can be informed of the help available in their area.

See the resource page on Liberty University’s website HERE. 

2. Orchestrated monthly fundraising banquet dinners for my local pregnancy center.  

3. Marched with fellow students as my university led the National Pro-Life March last year.  

I also applied and was chosen to volunteer with Students for Life of America at the National Pro-Life March and the National Pro-Life Summit. I handed out signs, assembled banners, and informed students about the National Leaders Collective. Sharing the life-changing opportunities available to them was exciting, and a joy doing it with other pro-life leaders. 

What has been the most exciting thing so far as a member of the National Leaders Collective? 

This fellowship program opened doors I couldn’t have imagined; the networking with other pro-life leaders and peers and the training NLC has offered have been priceless, and everything I wanted out of this fellowship and more. I feel more equipped than ever to be a leader in my community and take on the abortion battle with the education and practical resources offered through Students for Life of America

The Standing With You Fellowship is one of NINE different leadership opportunities within the National Leaders Collective. Applications are open now through Friday, April 5, for group leaders of SFLA groups to apply for a year of mentorship, opportunities, and education with SFLA. 

Click HERE to learn more and apply today!  

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