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The New Yorker Labels Facility a Late-Term Abortion “Safe Haven.” For Preborn Children, It’s a Killing Field. 

Jordan Estabrook - 08 Feb 2024

Pro-abortion supporters and activists talk out of two sides of their mouths when it comes to third-trimester abortions. One moment, they’re insisting that third-trimester abortions are rare, but in the next breath, they want to legalize and extend it to any point before birth. They’re attempting to normalize it everywhere, from Chemical Abortion Pills to late-term abortions.  

The New Yorker made an emotionally manipulative piece about two abortionists, Morgan Nuzzo and Diane Horvath, who started a business in College Park, Maryland, procuring abortions through 34 weeks.  

The article states, “They saw their first patient that October, and by the end of 2023 they had treated nearly five hundred. The youngest was eleven years old, the oldest fifty-three.” 

Make no mistake, late-term abortion is in demand, and they’re not trying to hide it.  

The article is filled with pictures of late-term abortion procedures, facility staff, friends and family in the waiting room. They’re doing it out in the open in Maryland and on The New Yorker for millions to see. 

If they say they want abortions up to 40 weeks, even if they’re still working to achieve it, we should believe them. 

“There are more clinicians than people think who are willing and able to do late-abortion care,” wrote abortionist Benedict Landgren. “The big barrier is that there aren’t enough clinics.” 

They’re saying it themselves. They want more facilities, and they want more dead children. In fact, they’re devastated when they’re unable to.  

Nuzzo states, “Turning people away is the worst part of our entire jobs.”  

Pro-abortion politicians, abortionists, and abortion facilitators alike want an increase in late-term abortions. After all, more abortions, more money.  

If one could believe it, this article has a critical truth. Nuzzo describes a woman’s partner, his dad, and her father in the waiting room, pacing nervously waiting for her abortion procedure to end.  

“The two dads were doing that dad-in-the-hospital thing, standing and pacing,” Nuzzo wrote. “I told them, ‘I’m so sorry for your family’s loss.’” 

Often, the word “loss” is used to describe the death of a loved one, and that’s precisely the point. For as much language in this piece used words “fetal,” “fetal tissue,” “fetal heartbeat,” “membrane,” and so forth to describe killing pre-born babies up to seven months old, the truth was inescapable, even for this abortionist – this was indeed a life. There is real loss and pain, not because they lost a bunch of fetal tissue, but because they lost a baby, their family. 

Her sympathies don’t extend much further than that. While Nuzzo and Horvath may claim their facility is a safe haven for women, they fail to mention physical and emotional scarring women experience after having an abortion.

Ultimately, it’s still the same place for preborn babies: a murder mill. And no number of black-and-white pictures, euphemisms, and faux compassion quotes given to The New Yorker will change that.  

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