CVS Tragically Switches Pregnant Mother’s Prescription With Chemical Abortion Pill, Killing Her Two Preborn Babies  

Caroline Wharton - 09 Oct 2023

In a shocking news report made public recently, a Nevada woman who dreamed of having a big family since childhood has lived through a nightmare thanks to Chemical Abortion Pills. After being prescribed life-affirming medication for her pregnancy, a CVS pharmacy mixed up her prescription and sent her home with the deathly drugs instead. Now, she is mourning the loss of her preborn twins.  

In 2019, Timika Thomas and her husband, already parents of four, decided they wanted to grow their family to bring to fruition her childhood wish of a large clan. In her thirties, however, Thomas struggled getting pregnant — and when she did, she unfortunately had two ectopic pregnancies. This led to her fallopian tubes being removed, but it didn’t stop the couple from wanting more children.   

Thomas and her husband decided to try invitro fertilization (IVF), using their own funds to have doctors insert two eggs inside her body and give her prescriptions to make her body produce hormones which would kickstart a pregnancy. Thomas explained the process to the media as making “our bodies think its pregnant.”  

While not confirmed, it is likely Thomas was taking the hormone progesterone, which has been used for decades with IVF patients and is also used with Abortion Pill Reversal. Dr. Delgado, one of the pioneers of Abortion Pill Reversal explained how progesterone works during an Explicitly Pro-Life podcast episode with Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. He stated

“Progesterone is essential for pregnancy. [It] does some very important things…the second thing it does is it causes the development of and sustains the maternal part of the placenta. Now, most of the placenta comes from the preborn baby. However, there is a very thin layer that comes from the mother they call the ‘maternal layer’…that very thin layer is essential for the placenta to adhere to the wall of the uterus. That adherence — the super glue — is very important because the placenta of course is how the baby gets hydration, nutrition, and oxygen from the mother and sends his/her waste products back to the mother for exit. If that maternal part of the placenta is not being sustained by progesterone, what happens? The placenta separates, and that’s what leads to the death of the preborn baby.”   

After taking the prescription Thomas was originally sent home with from her doctor’s office, she was prescribed a vaginal suppository and went to pick it up from her local CVS. However, after taking two doses, she knew something was terribly wrong. She began cramping horribly and realized the pain was disproportional to what it should have been.  

Thomas said, “My cramping went beyond that. It was extreme. It was painful.” 

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Wanting to check things out, Thomas googled the name of the drug she had been given and realized what had happened when the first thing she read about it was “used for abortions.” Horrified, she said to herself, “They just killed my baby. Both my babies, because I transferred two embryos.”  

An investigation into the matter by 8 News Now found that two different technicians and two pharmacists were at fault after each making a series of errors that allowed Thomas to be given the entirely wrong medication. According to the report, one technician entered the wrong name into the prescription, believing she knew the generic name for the brand as prescribed by Thomas’ doctor — she didn’t. One pharmacist also did not catch the error, and yet another pharmacist failed to counsel Thomas as it was her first time receiving the drug when she came to pick up her medication.  

When Thomas submitted a complaint with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy and testified about her horrific experience, the two pharmacists were fined and had their licenses suspended provisionally. According to reports, their licenses will be reinstated if they both avoid disciplinary action over the next 12 months, pay the fines and take continuing education credits — a paltry punishment for taking two preborn lives, albeit by accident.  

SFLA’s thoughts and prayers are with the Thomas family, as they mourn their two preborn twins and cope with the heartbreaking loss. The one thing that is right about this whole situation, however, is that many outlets reporting this story have been forced to tell the truth: the Thomas’ preborn children — at the embryo state of development — were indeed human babies that were valued, unique, and special.   

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