After Vitriol & Violence Toward Pro-Lifers, The Hunter College Professor Was Fired — Now She’s Been Hired Again?!  

Caroline Wharton - 29 Sep 2023

Fool me once? Shame on me. Fool me twice? Shame on you, New York education system.  

Shocking news has come out that the former Hunter College professor that verbally harassed pro-life students, destroyed a Students for Life of America (SFLA) display, and chased a reporter around with a machete last semester has actually been hired for the new school year at a new institution. With such a recent history of vitriol and violence, it’s an unbelievable decision…and sadly, it also says a lot about how little our society value defending others free speech. Here’s background on this story and more on this update:  

Back in May as the 2022 – 2023 school year was coming to a close, then-professor at Hunter College Shellyne Rodriguez verbally accosted pro-life students, yelling profanities, before ruining their SFLA display. She ironically called their peaceful presence on campus “violence” before throwing their property off the table.  

But it got worse.  

After news of her unprofessional behavior and potential leave from Hunter College due to it, the New York Post (NYP) looked into the situation — and wow, was that a decision that had greater legs than they ever expected. When a NYP reporter and videographer showed up to Rodriguez’s apartment to ask her about what happened, she opened the door with a machete and held it to the reporter’s throat, saying: “Get the f–k away from my door or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!”  

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The pair left quickly, but the saga still wasn’t over. Rodriguez wasn’t done. She exited the building after them, chasing them down the street while wielding the machete. She yelled, “If I see you on this block one more f*ing time, you’re gonna…Get the f*k off the block! Get the f*k out of here, yo!” 

Click HERE to watch the video.  

Clearly, it’s obvious why Rodriguez lost her professorship at Hunter College. With such an insane temper and lack of respect, she has no business educating our future generations, putting them at risk and ingraining in them her own special brand of crazy.  

Yet that is exactly what it seems she’s being allowed to do again. According to reports, Rodriguez is listed as an adjunct instructor at the Cooper Union in the East Village. Her name appears on the roster for the fall semester schedule as teaching a sculpture class.  

It’s unfortunate that the Cooper Union didn’t take her previous alarming hostility into account before hiring Rodriguez…but in the abortion lobby’s book, such violence is not only often tolerated when it is hurled at pro-lifers, it’s encouraged. If our ideas are inconvenient to them, they seem to take any liberties in squashing us — which is exactly what happens with preborn children. Accepting violence in the womb is the gateway to accepting violence outside of the womb.  

God bless her new students.  

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