See the Video from SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’ Tour that Millions Have Viewed

Caroline Wharton - 13 Jan 2023

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins has seen it all on college campuses — the good, the bad, the crazy, and the creepy — and a wild video clip from one of her campus speaking tours recently went viral on Instagram. It’s been posted on countless conservative organization’s pages as it features a pro-abortion student attempting to belittle women, and Hawkins will have nothing of it

Here’s what you need to know about this video:  

In the video, a pro-abortion student addressed Hawkins during her speaking tour stop at Northwestern Washington University and asked, “What about folks who have wombs but are not women? Like trans people? Gender queer folk? Why do you keep saying women when this issue affects more than women?” 

And that’s where Hawkins had to stop the student — because saying that people other than women have their unique ability to give birth absolutely disempowers women and contradicts basic biology. The capacity to grow and give birth to a child is a special, distinctive part of being a woman. In fact, it’s really anti-woman to strip the female sex of this beautiful and exclusive ability by essentially saying that anyone can do it. More importantly, that’s not even biologically true.  

Men give sperm. Women give eggs, grow preborn children, and give birth to them. It’s that simple.  

Hawkins replied, “Because there are two genders: male and female.”  

The student interrupted her to disagree and state again, “There aren’t. This issue affects more than women. It affects trans men who have wombs. It affects gender queer folks.”  

(Click HERE to watch Hawkins discuss this viral video on Tucker Carlson Tonight.)

Hawkins reiterated that it is indeed women who have wombs, and this where the conversation reallytook a turn. When the pro-abortion student asserted, “I am not a woman, and I have a womb,” no one was prepared for Hawkins to speak the truth. It’s not something that happens in public these days anymore as political correctness chokes such truth.  Unfailingly, however, she did — and the room went into an uproar.  

Hawkins stated, “You are a woman.”  

Why did this statement cause such chaos? We live in a confused world right now that rejects truth. There could be an entire book of such examples, but a few include the New York Times claiming that it doesn’t really know what abortion even is; Planned Parenthood claiming that abortion could be a treatment for ectopic pregnancies (it can’t); or Google changing its definition of fetus when the science hasn’t changed.  

With such misinformation swirling around, it’s both important and difficult to tell the truth. Perhaps no one knows more just how dangerous this truth-telling can be than the Pro-Life Generation and the SFLA team. Security costs have become a standard line item in our budget as we often require bodyguards and body cameras in order to use our basic right to free speech. 

This is because the abortion lobby often reacts to our pro-life activism just as badly as they did in that viral video — and frankly, that reaction might be considered good behavior from abortion supporters. After all, among other things, we have been told to “get raped,” sent gun threats, harassed in a racist manner, been punched repeatedly, and had urine thrown on us.  

One abortion supporter notably said, “F*cking die! You’re lucky there’s barricades here because if there wasn’t b*tch, I’d be beating your ass. Cause I’m like that. You’re lucking he’s [a security guard] standing in front of you.”   

We’re not lucky, however, to have such security measures — we’re blessed and grateful to have supportive donors who value our work enough to protect us in the field. We cannot thank them enough for ensuring that we still have the opportunity to be a voice for the preborn in the midst of such pro-abortion hatred.  

If you’d like to donate or be a part of our prayer team to make sure our activists are safe in the field, click HERE to learn more.  

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