WATCH: Unhinged Abortion Supporter Screams Expletives at SFLA Staff, Threatens Physical Violence

Caroline Wharton - 24 Jun 2022

The clock is running out on the current United States Supreme Court session, and the pro-life movement is filled with anticipation for the imminent Dobbs v. Jackson ruling—but it appears that the abortion lobby is actually going crazy from the wait. That’s how it looks at least from their attempted assassinations, vandalizations, public stripping sessions, and the overwhelming number of crude threats and harassments directed at pro-lifers. Earlier this week—a potential Dobbs decision day—was no exception, and one wild abortion supporter really caught the media’s eye. Here’s what happened:  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) and Students for Life Action (SFLAction), along with the Pro-Life Generation and SFLA’s SCOTUS Squad, have been present at the Supreme Court for every decision day in our wait for the Dobbs ruling, and sometimes abortion supporters like to show up and cause a scene—like they did this Tuesday. That’s exactly how SFLAction Public Relations and Policy Coordinator Savanna Deretich described the experience.

Unhinged Abortion Supporter

She said, “It was pretty calm at the Court right before we all arrived, but that changed pretty quickly. Once all of our group was there, we started to get swarmed and harassed. If it wasn’t for our security guards, things could have been much uglier.”  

Things still got pretty ugly, though. One pro-abortion woman began to scream graphic threats and obscenities while making crude sexual gestures. Watch the video below that we captured while she berated SFLA staffers:  

The pro-abortion woman was anything but civil. Here’s how her volatile, tirade began:  

“F*cking die! You’re lucky there’s barricades here because if there wasn’t b*tch, I’d be beating your ass. Cause I’m like that. You’re lucking he’s [the security guard] standing in front of you. Hey, suck my d*ck, b*tch! It’s my choice to have an abortion.”  

When an SFLA staffer asked her what exactly an abortion was, the woman called her a “whore” and refused to answer, saying, “I’m going to go talk to someone who has a brain.”  

However, the woman did not leave to go talk to someone else but began twerking instead. What an intellectual and communicative way to engage, right? She didn’t stop at twerking, either. She began to mimic male masturbation and yell about ejaculation.  

Unhinged Abortion Supporter

(For more coverage on this, check out reports from Breitbart, Lifesite News, Townhall, Daily Caller, and MRC TV.)  

One of the SFLA staffers that was being directly yelled at by this woman, SFLA Social Media Coordinator Lauren Marlowe, said that the woman’s behavior was a disturbing window into the heartless abortion industry. She said,  

“As I watched this woman scream, threaten, and sexually harass me and my fellow pro-life activists, all I could see was how horribly the abortion lobby had lied to her. Women who act and speak this angrily and crazily about their “right” to kill their children have been fed the lie that they need abortion to be successful, strong, and equal in this world.  

Unhinged Abortion Supporter

“For their own profit, the abortion industry has convinced millions of women that we need to reject the natural functions of our bodies in order to be equals in society. Telling women that we need abortion to succeed or to be equal is the opposite of female empowerment.”  

In contrast to the ever-angry abortion lobby, SFLA and the Pro-Life Generation are committed to the peaceful protection of the preborn and strong support of mothers in unplanned pregnancies. We believe that women can do both—they can be mothers and have successful careers with the right help—and that preborn children have sacred, valuable lives just like the rest of us. 

Unhinged Abortion Supporter

Our movement is anchored by love, and regardless of what shenanigans the abortion lobby is up to, we will not be deterred from our mission to abolish abortion. You can join us by participating in our Summer of Service and helping us to prepare for a Post-Roe America. Click HERE to find out more! 

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