Today On Explicitly Pro-Life: The Summer Of Service

Caroline Wharton - 08 Jun 2022

Today on  Explicitly Pro-Life, the podcast hosted by SFLA president Kristan Hawkins, Hawkins discusses how the pro-life movement is differentiating themselves from the abortion lobby’s hatred through Students for Life of America’s Summer of Service.

The episode, entitled “Standing With Her Summer,” recounts how the abortion lobby is engaging in a Summer of Rage and why the Pro-Life Generation needs to stand strong for life now more than ever.

The Summer Of Service

In their quest to kill children, the abortion lobby is on a rampage full of violence, hostility, and destruction. Churches and pregnancy resource centers are being vandalized and firebombed; pro-life advocates are being harassed and assaulted; and abortion supporters are even stripping down in public to top it all off! Clearly, the abortion lobby is using this season to wreak havoc—but the pro-life movement is going to use this season to bring harmony and help.

(Click HERE to learn more about the abortion lobby’s Summer of Rage.)

Students for Life of America is promoting a Summer of Service—a time where members of the pro-life movement are focusing on truly supporting the needs of families in unplanned pregnancies and proclaiming the humanity and worth of the preborn. As a part of the Summer of Service, SFLA is engaging in billboard campaigns and bringing service pledges to Christian music festivals. In addition, SFLA will be hosting a Standing With Her Sunday Simulcast in August for churches across the nation.

The Summer Of Service

(Click HERE to learn more about the Summer of Service.)

Tune in today to hear Hawkins talk more about SFLA’s Summer of Service and how YOU can help; click HERE to listen!

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