The 2022 Pro-Abortion Dictionary: Crazy Terms, No-No Words & Definition Changes  

Caroline Wharton - 09 Dec 2022

It’s been a wild year, and with it has come some crazy moves by the abortion lobby — including some direct attempts to influence language in cooperation with the pro-abortion narrative. This has taken place through new (shall we call them interesting) terms, no-no words, and changes of definition that definitely don’t change the truth. Students for Life of America (SFLA) has taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of these pro-abortion sentiments, and without further ado, we introduce you to the 2022 Pro-Abortion Dictionary that you definitely shouldn’t be using 

Crazy New Terms:  
  • Look Out Breasts; It’s “Chest-Feeding” Now 

The term “chest-feeding” has originated from the desire to say that anyone can breastfeed, but the sad thing about this term is that it’s just not true, and it’s erasing a unique, important role that only women can fill.   

  • The Sound of the Patriarchy   

If you kept up with the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial elections, you may have heard losing candidate Stacey Abrams assert that fetal heartbeats are basically made up by the patriarchy to control women. She said, “It [a fetal heartbeat] is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.” Conspiracy theorist much, Abrams?    

  • “Pregnant Person” 

Like chest-feeding, saying “pregnant person” erases the distinct and awesome ability that only women have to carry preborn children in the womb. It’s one of the amazing and intensely difficult things that only women are gifted to do — talk about girl power!  

No-No Words:  
  • “Late-Term Abortion” 

The Associated Press Stylebook (the writing style used by the majority of news outlets) just recently said the use of the word “late-term abortion” is no longer permissible. Their reasoning is that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has stated that late-term means 41 weeks through 41 weeks and six days of gestation, and “abortion doesn’t happen in this period.” But why are we allowing a decidedly pro-abortion group to control terminology? And it looks much more like the abortion lobby’s bone to pick with this term is its ugly accuracy, as babies killed in late-term abortions are well-developed and harder to ignore as “clumps of cells.” 

  • “Fetal Heartbeat” 

As long as you don’t say “fetal heartbeat” with this one, you’re golden. Cardiac activity and electrical pulses are perfectly fine — but don’t let the abortion lobby catch you asking the difference between cardiac activity and a heartbeat. (Spoiler alert: potato, potato.) One just sounds a bit more human than the other.  

  • Motherhood  

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic majority recently proposed eliminating the terms “father, mothers, son, daughter, brother, and sister” from the house rules and changing them these words out for more “gender-inclusive” terms — but what about as Abigail Shier pointed out in the New York Post, being a mother “is a fundamental biological, emotional, familial reality. It captures the irreplaceable bond between a baby and the woman who bore her in her womb. That others can be excellent guardians — a fact no one disputes — can’t justify extirpating Mom from our vocabulary.” 

Definition Changes:   
  • Abortion Doesn’t Treat This…Unless It Does?  

Planned Parenthood used to rightfully acknowledge the fact that abortion does not treat ectopic pregnancies, but their website recently changed to say: “The medical procedures for terminating a pregnancy in the uterus are usually different from the medical procedures for terminating an ectopic pregnancy.”  Usually — how about always? Click HERE to read more about why ectopic pregnancies are never treated by direct abortions.  

  • Fetus (Latin for Baby) Doesn’t Mean Baby  

Google took it upon themselves recently to remove the word “baby” from the definition of fetus. What are they so afraid of exactly? Society might recognize the personhood of a preborn child in this definition and see the inhumanity of abortion. That’s why Google’s removal helps the abortion lobby’s narrative because when you remove the image of a baby from people’s minds, the truth of abortion is hidden.  

  • “Mercy” and Abortion Are Synonymous 

According to actress Anne Hathaway, “My own personal experience with abortion and I don’t think we talk about this enough, abortion can be another word for mercy.” That’s a pretty scary synonym if we consider killing preborn children to be merciful. In what world is that mercy?  

  • What Even Is Abortion?  

The abortion lobby even wants to obscure what an abortion really is as celebrities banter over’s meaning (cough, cough Hathaway) and the New York Times has now written an article entitled “What Does ‘Abortion’ Mean? Even the Word Itself Is Up for Debate.” The definition is simple enough: a direct abortion is the intentional killing of a preborn child.  

  • Pregnancy Resource Centers = Torture  

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) called crisis pregnancy centers places that “are there to fool people” and indicated that they “torture” pregnant women — but women who have utilized these centers usually have nothing bad to say about their help with finances, counseling, childcare, etc.  

Did we miss any crazy pro-abortion terms, no-no words, or redefinitions? Let us know by emailing [email protected]  

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