What the Heck is “Chestfeeding?”

What is chestfeeding
Brenna Lewis - 12 Feb 2021


In what is the most recent attack on women and traditional feminism, a collection of British midwives are now being told to basically remove femininity from the childbirth and nursing processes. As reported by National Review,

“Midwives working for Britain’s National Health Service at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals in England are now to follow a “gender-inclusive language policy,” meaning that:

  • The maternity departments are now to be known as “perinatal services.”
  • The word “mother” is to be replaced with the phrase “mother or birthing parent.”
  • “Breastfeeding” is to be known as “chestfeeding” (a made-up word).
  • “Breastmilk” should be called “human milk” or “breast/chest milk” or “milk from the feeding mother or parent.”
  • The word “woman” should be replaced with the phrase “woman or person.”
  • Fathers should be referred to as the “parent,” “co-parent,” or “second biological parent.”

Any word that even suggests femininity is becoming taboo. And everyone not neck-deep in “woke” propaganda is supposed to view this as anything but anti-woman? We are erasing womanhood from the public discourse. We are cheapening the physical superpowers a female possesses (procreation, menstruation, the ability to feed a child with our bodies) by suggesting that it’s the lowest threshold of ability; anybody can do it. Every step we continue to take towards “un-gendering” our language erases the lines that naturally exist between men and women. No one’s special.

The kicker? Even trans people aren’t on board. So who’s the show even for?

Let’s Talk about “Chestfeeding” Specifically

Do note, for posterity’s sake, that the red squiggled underline that identifies a misspelled or non-existent word on a text editor appears under each instance of the term “chestfeeding” in the draft of this piece. Just throwing that out there.

What should be frustrating for medical personnel is that biology confirms the made-up, non-scientific nature of this new anti-female venture. Both men AND women have breasts. Yes, the function and appearance between the two are different, but that is what they are formally called on both sexes of the human species. Biological men can get breast cancer. So not only is the premise of changing the term to “chestfeeding” absurd, it isn’t even necessary to be “inclusive” to transgender women… which should anger everyone, that time and money is being wasted on useless trash like this when, presumably, every hospital system has actual, legitimate problems that are worth addressing.

It should also be a red flag that Planned Parenthood legitimizes the term on their site, on which you can also find terms like “pre-embryo,” “phone sex,” and every type of sexual slang imaginable, all defined on a formal glossary. 

What is chestfeeding

Time to Stand Up, Ladies

Women are being left out of the conversation (which, incidentally, is about our erasure from society). We are being told that making our bodies more similar to men’s by shutting down our reproductive systems with birth control and ending the lives of our children with abortion is empowering. Women who have dedicated their lives to their sport are being cast aside and having careers ruined thanks to men playing women’s sports. Pop culture, statehouses, and even medical institutions are erasing the language that uniquely describes us.  The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) is still being shunted around, though it would further define us out of existence.

We won’t stand for it. If anyone thinks this is what the suffragettes had in mind for today’s women, they must be crazy. Women deserve better.


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