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The Death-Mobile: Planned Parenthood’s New Facility on Wheels 

Caroline Wharton - 04 Nov 2022

As if abortion wasn’t horrific enough already, Planned Parenthood has decided to one-up themselves in poor decision-making and put abortion on demand in a van — because that seems safe, sanitary, and not at all creepy, right? Don’t worry; if your mind immediately went to dirty street food trucks and white vans handing out candy to children, we’re right there with you; the thought of this makes us shudder. Here’s what you need to know about the mobile Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility:  

National Public Radio (NPR) recently reported on Planned Parenthood’s new ride in St. Louis, Missouri; a pastel blue RV (whose coloring doesn’t help make it any less weird) with the words “Mobile Health Clinic” on it. Since the purpose of the vehicle is to distribute life-ending Chemical Abortion pills, a more apt name might be “the Death-Mobile” — but a van with its purpose by any other name would still be just as evil.  

The van is a part of the Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, and it will begin travelling to the border of Illinois soon, packed with Chemical Abortion pills. LaQuetta Cooper, the healthcare operations director, explained that the purpose of the van is to ensure that abortion-seeking women have less time in between deciding to get an abortion and actually receiving the abortion. She said,  

“The biggest needs that we are seeing is the fact that they have to travel so far to get the care that they need,” Cooper says. “This will be helpful so they don’t have to travel three to five hours.” 

This is a clear pro-abortion strategy to cut down on the time a woman has to decide against getting an abortion while driving to her appointment — by instead driving right up to women and shoving abortion in their faces before their hesitance can cost the abortion industry’s wallet. This is part of the way that Planned Parenthood pressures and coerces women into abortion. Instead of showing respect to the women (the abortion lobby’s favorite pretense), this manipulative strategy is actually very anti-woman — and certainly anti-woman (and men) in the womb.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) National Field Director Reagan Barklage spoke to NPR reporter Sarah McCammon on this topic, relaying that she’d like to see policymakers work to somehow prevent patients in pro-life states from seeking the procedure elsewhere. She said:  

“I know there’s legislators that are working on bills that would prevent women from crossing state lines. They’re trying to come up with different strategies to work on that and also ways that they can prevent women from buying [Chemical Abortion pills] online.” 

Barklage also expressed concern over women who take Chemical Abortion pills by themselves at home — like the women who visit this Planned Parenthood van will end up doing. Despite a “medical expert” (can even you really call them that if they break medical ethics and commit abortions?) saying that Barklage’s concerns were unwarranted, we know that to be false.  

Chemical Abortion pills are extremely dangerous.  

While there is no national abortion reporting law to give us in-depth data on abortion, we know that one-third of post-abortive women experience severe emotional trauma (depression, alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts) following use of Chemical Abortion pills, and the physical consequences are equally frightening. Post-abortive women who used Chemical Abortion pills are at risk of severe pain, hemorrhaging, blood clots, undetected ectopic pregnancies, sterilization, and maternal death

Concern is definitely warranted, thank you very much — and the Death-Mobile is making it even easier for women’s lives to be at risk due to these dangerous, life-ending pills. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Planned Parenthood, of course, but we just wish they’d drop the whole women’s empowerment baloney. There’s nothing empowering about carting around nasty little pills and deceiving women that they need them in order to be successful.   

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