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Planned Parenthood Wants to Start Sterilizing Minors with a Side of Free Vasectomies

Caroline Wharton - 02 Nov 2022
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Contributing Writer Anna Reynolds

GUEST POST: It seems now that abortion is on the way out, Planned Parenthood is finding ways to ensure that people never have babies. As Students for Life of America previously reported, America’s biggest abortion business has quickly become one of the largest suppliers of wrong-sex hormones for children. That new and emerging big business is about to get a lot more dangerous if voters do not pay attention. Planned Parenthood is also expanding business in vasectomies, turning World Vasectomy Day into a month-long “celebration” of sterilization.

Planned Parenthood has quietly expanded its business of “gender-affirming care.” As Margot Cleveland writing for the Federalist aptly put it, “gender-affirming care” is the buzzword popularized by radical activists, “despite it being neither affirming or caring.” In this approach, underage children are subjected to so-called puberty blockers and in some cases breast removal and genital surgery in response to gender dysphoria.

While it appears that most Planned Parenthood locations do not yet offer puberty blockers or surgery, the abortion chain has become a destination for minors seeking hormones. Advocates across the political spectrum have raised concerns about the lack of oversight and serious risks to administering such hormones to children who are still developing and not given enough information to give informed consent.

Now, in Michigan, a constitutional amendment marketed as a pro-abortion measure to restore the Roe v. Wade status quo in the state is actually a wide-ranging legal maneuver that would give minors access to sterilization without parental consent. Under the proposed amendment, children would be free to obtain so-called puberty blockers without parental knowledge or consent and even undergo sterilization. Boys could undergo castration and girls sterilization through hysterectomy or removal of the ovaries.

Cleveland explains, “This is not merely a political point, and it is not a worst-case-scenario argument based on how some liberal activist judge or justice might interpret Prop 3. This reality flows from the plain language of Prop 3 and rests on general legal principles of constitutional construction.” Puberty blockers are not harmless drugs and carry risks to long-term health, such as decreased bone density, and in combination with cross-sex hormones are associated with lifelong infertility and inability to orgasm.

Regardless of partisan politics, most voters are shocked by such life-altering medical decisions being put into the hands of children without the guidance of their legal guardians. That is, voters would be shocked if they learned what is actually in the proposed pro-abortion amendment. It seems it is not enough for Planned Parenthood to end the lives of innocent preborn babies; now, Planned Parenthood wants to ensure that children will never be able to have babies.

On the subject of sterilization, Planned Parenthood has expanded its business in vasectomies. Abortion activists have capitalized on the political hysteria of post-Roe media coverage to spread the message that we are in danger. According to abortion supporters being rightly denied the ability to kill an innocent preborn baby at any time for any reason is a threat to life and liberty. This makes no sense. But that has not stopped the abortion lobby from acting like it is true and encouraging people to permanently sterilize themselves instead of risk pregnancy without the possibility of killing the baby conceived.

In response to the artificially inflated demand for vasectomies, Planned Parenthood is partnering with doctors offering free vasectomies. Expanding on World Vasectomy Day, Planned Parenthood is having a month-long vasectomy push next month. NBC News reports, for the first week of November, one doctor “plans to take his mobile clinic — a vehicle decorated with large images of sperm that his friends have jokingly dubbed the ‘Nutcracker’ — on the road the following week to offer 40 more free vasectomies in several towns across Iowa.”

All jokes aside, a vasectomy is a serious medical decision with lifelong consequences. While vasectomy reversal is sometimes possible, it requires additional surgery that carries risks and does not always restore full reproductive function. Reports indicate that many of the men seeking vasectomies are under the age of 30. What a man may think about having children in his 20s may be very different from what he thinks in his 40s.

From trying to sterilize children without their knowledge to pushing young men to get vasectomies, Planned Parenthood is expanding its business. Ironically, the business called Planned Parenthood is trying to ensure that no one becomes a parent.

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